The Bank Routing Number is a predefined unique code which is made using numbers and this is mandatory to carry all the wire transfer. It is a 9 digit number which is printed on the bottom of every cheque leaf. It helps to identify the financial institution associated with your bank account.

You can Directly get the BanCorpSouth Bank Routing Number or you can read the full article to gain full insight of Bank.

Customer Service Number

Below are most commonly used customer service numbers along with the service hours of the bank.

Online and banking technical support1-888-797-7711
Service Hours Monday – Friday 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Saturday 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.
BancorpSouth Bank ROuting Number

BancorpSouth Bank Routing Number

Below is the Bank’s Routing number along with the copy button for you so that you don’t have to bother about the mistyping errors and just have to click the button.

Routing Number


ATM Locations

Below is the map of your nearest Bank and ATM locations for you so that you don’t have to research a ton of resources for finding the location of the bank and you can also use the locator provided.

Credit Cards

Bancorp South Credit Cards are available in 4 different types like Standard MasterCard which is perfect to fulfill all type of lifestyle needs.  The Gold MasterCard allows you to have worldwide purchasing power. The Platinum MasterCard provides complete financial power with very less interested.  Finally, the Visa Student credit card for all kind of needs.

A bank routing number is mandatory to complete different financial transactions that also includes direct deposit payments, payment of a bill online and international money transfer.

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You can check out more at Bank’s Official Website.

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Ques: what is the procedure to access the mortgage loan via online?

Ans: You will get all the information regarding the mortgage loan via online banking. Sign in by providing your right username and password, it is mandatory to get access to the mortgage online services.

Ques: What is the procedure to close the bank account with BancorpSouth?

Ans: You can approach any of the bank branches and close your account. It is very convenient to get it done via mail or you can also send a signed letter to the customer service team.  Make sure to include your full name, postal address, account number, and contact number. Also, sign the letter while submitting. You can send the fax request to the number 662-678-7263 or can send the scanned copy to [email protected]

Ques: What is the procedure to wire fund using BancorpSouth?

Ans:  in order to begin the wire funding from your bank account within the USA you must provide the sending bank with right wire number. It is mandatory to provide the complete banking account number, name and also the total amount which you want to wire. A nominal amount of wire charges will be deducted as wire free

Ques: What is the method to add account to existing online banking account?

Ans: In order to add another account to the existing banking account you need to visit the Customer Service Tab select the option Manage Account Preferences and then click on the add button.  Now, enter the product type and correct account number. Tap on add option, you can see the account is visible instantly. And only certain account needs verification, you need to approach customer care center to get it done.

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