The routing number is visible on the cheque leaves at the lower left corner. You can find the routing number followed by account number and the cheque number.  The bank routing number is a unique 9 digit number which is different for the different financial institution. It helps to carry the wire transfer across the globe.

You can inform yourselves regarding the Bank Of America or you can get the Bank Of America Routing number directly.

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Ques: what is the method to open a new account with Bank of America?

Ans: the Opening of account is very easy, you can apply online for opening a current account, savings accounts as per your choice by entering your personal information. Then, verify the information and select the funding options.  After all the steps are done, you will get an email and follow it up to know the status. The entire account opening process will usually take 1-2 business days. Moreover, you will receive the hard copy of the account document via mail within 7-10 business days

Ques: What is the signature form in the bank? Why it is sent back?

Ans: It is mandatory to give signature form to the Bank of America to receive a service for your account. It is curial to sign and then mail the signature form and send to the bank. If you have any co-applicants, make sure they also sign the signature form with official signature. This is important to verify the individual’s identity and tax information.

Ques: Define “Online access to my account” option?

Ans: The option means that you can get access to all the account information via online banking. The online banking allows you to check all the account balance and you can conduct the transactions, bill payment, fund transfer, alerts etc. for your accounts. Online banking option allows quick bill payment and money transfer.


Below we have provided the nearest locations to your location of the bank so that you could easily find it without any hassles.

Bank of America Routing Number

The routing number for Bank of America is different for the different locations. It is 051000017 for Alabama.  It is mandatory to give the complete account number and bank account number to initiate the wire transfer

Bank of america Routing number

You must check the Correct Routing number for your state at the Bank of America Homepage.

Routing Number


Customer Service Numbers

Bank of America Customer service team can be reached on call via 00-1315-724-4022. The enthusiastic team is available to solve all your banking related queries on call.

Service Hours

The bank of America customer service team is available on call 24 hours all 7 days. You can reach the team immediately if the card is lost or stolen.

Customer service Centre1315 – 724 – 4022
Service Hours24 Hours * 7 Days

Credit Card

 The credit cards from Bank of America have exclusive offers for the cardholders, it is easy to use and comes with solid benefits. You can avail cash back and travel rewards when you make use of a credit card to book tickets.

You can definitely gather more information regarding this topic by clicking the link.

Cancel B.O.A Credit Card

Cancellation of Bank of America credit card can be done by reaching the customer care team on call or mail. They will cancel it after verifying.

Routing numbers are also known as transit numbers and it may vary as per the Bank of America branch.

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