The routing number is a unique code which is generally made using 9 digit numbers. Every bank follows a unique routing number in order carry the transaction

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Ques: What is the most reliable way to retrieve the password? I forgot it and cannot access the online account?

Ans 1: The username can be accessed by calling the customer support team of the online banking branch. They will share a code which will help you to reset your password online.

Ques: What is the procedure to find the checking account number?

Ans 2: The check number is usually available on the lower left corner of the check leaf. It can be found right next to the routing number

Ques: How to check the online account statements?

Ans 3: Once you login into your online banking account, you can simply follow the below-mentioned step and check the account statements.

Tap on the Accounts tab and then choose the option “Statements and Documents.
You can also get a quick view of your account by moving to “Services and Support Tab: and then choose the option “View Statements and Documents”. If you are using the mobile application to check the bank account statement, go to the option “More” menu and choose “account Statements” this will help you to get insight about your account.

Ques: How to order the checks?

Ans 4: you can tap on the check reorder form and order the check. You can also see the next sequence of the check leaf. Choose the option “order more checks online” to initiate the new checkbook.  This can also be done by visiting the local bank branch and apply for the checkbook.


You can refer to the nearest locations of the bank near to your location using the locator we have provided.

Customer service numbers

Reach the customer support team on West bank on call at 1-800-488-2265 for all your banking related queries.

Service Hours

The West bank team is available on call 24*7, reach them for banking assistance.

Online and banking technical support 1-800-488-2265
Service Hours24 * 7 Days

Bank Of the West Routing number

Below is the Bank of the West Routing number with a copy button.

Bank of the West Routing Number

The routing number of the west bank is 011075150. It can be used to carry the transaction.

Routing Number


You can get the Swift Code here

Credit Cards

Bank of the West offers 3 unique credit card option for all your banking needs.

1.    Compare Credit Cards – It is a great option for all those who are looking for generous cash rewards. The annual free is zero dollars. You can avail 3 % cash bank on all restaurants, gas stations and groceries. The best part is an unlimited 1 % cash bank without any annual cap.

2.    Platinum Credit Card

Platinum Credit Card is for all those folks who are looking for low-intensity rates. The rates are extremely competitive and the card has zero annual fees. A great choice if you prefer to carry a good balance.

3.    Secured Credit Card

The Secured Credit Card is a great choice for those establishing the credit. The deposit can go up to $12000. The total annual fee is $25 and the perfect choice for those who are looking for rebuilding the credit values.

Check out the more information Here

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