Hello, Ever felt the need of swift code but was unable to find it after hours of digging on google don’t worry we got your issue and understand it as ours. You will get all the codes here but in this section of the blog, you will get the Bank West Swift Code.

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Nearest Locations

Below is the map with bank locations so that it becomes easy for you to track the nearest bank using this or you can visit using the Locator provided.

Customer Service

Below are the most common numbers of the bank for solving the most common queries of the customers. your most of the queries will be definitely solved over these numbers.

You can also schedule an appointment for it and if you have a more specific query you can visit the bank’s website according to the Bank of the west hours and get it resolved over there. The website contains the specific numbers for each branch of the bank.

Online and Banking support 1-800-488-2265
Outside the U.S. 1-925-975-3202
Bank of the West Swift Code

Bank Of The West Swift Code

Below is the code with a copy button beside it so that you don’t make any mistake while making the transaction because a single error of a digit can make blunders to your transaction.

Swift Code


Note: You can check the Swift code for different banks on our Website.

This video is taken from the official source.

Some FAQ’s

Below are the most commonly asked question regarding the bank most probably all of your queries will be solved but if you have a specific query then you must visit the bank’s website and get it resolved over there.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

You can access your username by calling Online Banking Customer Support at 19004882265 or in case you are outside the U.S. you can call 19259753202 and please be sure to use the applicable exit code.

How do I find my checking account number?

You can look up to the bottom left corner of your bank checks >The first nine digits on the left is bank routing number and to the right is the checking account number.

How do I view my account statements online?

You can sign in to online banking and once you are done with it you can  access your account statements in a couple of different ways

  • Select “Statements & Documents” in Accounts tab.
  • Select “View Statements and Documents” in the Services and Support tab.


Managing Business is a busy and energy taking task in itself and then handling the bank accounts, checks, deposits, payments etc. etc. seems just impossible to be done. But Banks like the West Bank have made it a lot easier for you and me to handle their bank accounts by giving the most advanced facilities over online banking and getting advice over á¹€handling accounts taking care for your security in the bank and its other services.

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Final Words

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