Here in this blog post, we will provide you the Routing Number for BB&T Bank for various states like North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Florida, Georgia, etc.

The BB&T bank is a reliable and credible bank which fulfills all the world-class banking needs of the customers. It was founded in the year 1887 and with time has established itself as a trustworthy bank of customers.

In this blog post, we will provide you the BB&T Bank Routing Number. You can get it easily by clicking on the link.


Ques 1: What is the primary benefit of BB&T bank mobile banking?

The BB&T bank mobile banking allows the individual to access their account and other information online. For this, they must have a mobile device and a bank account. BB&T mobile baking facility comes extremely handy when an individual wants to check the available account balance, review the account summary, transfer fund anywhere and anytime, etc.

Ques 2: How to differentiate between mobile banking and banking alerts received on the smartphone?

The mobile banking of BB&T bank allows you to check the available balance, do a fund transfer and other banking-related transactions via your smartphone. Whereas the alerts are sent to your mobile device to intimate you about the transaction happened on your account. It is actually a piece of information which is sent to your device automatically. The alerts are highly helpful to get notified about your account transaction.

Ques 3: what to do in case of loss of the mobile device

When you opt for the BB&T bank, the bank will never send anyone full account number or personal details via the mobile banking SMS or alerts. In case of loss of the mobile device, a third person cannot access the banking details without knowing the user ID and password set by you.

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Ques 4: What to do in case of loss of the mobile device?

If the mobile device is lost, report about the theft or loss immediately. Then, firstly log in your online banking account via a computer system and delete the mobile number which you cannot access anymore.

Customer Service Numbers

The customer service team of BB&T bank can be reached via call. Give a call to 800-226-5228 from your mobile number.

Service Hours

The team is happy to help you from morning 6 am to midnight via call.

Online and banking technical support800-226-5228
General Questions 1-800-295-8472


Routing Number BB&T Bank

The BB&T bank follows a different routing number for different states. You can easily find the routing number for BB&T NC (North Carolina), Florida, Georgia, and many other states.

Routing Number | Alabama


Routing Number | District Of Columbia


Routing Number | Florida


Routing Number | Georgia


Routing Number | Indiana


Routing Number | Texas


Routing Number | Virginia


Routing Number | West Virginia


Routing Number | Kentucky


Routing Number | MaryLand


Routing Number | New Jersey


Routing Number | Ohio


BB&T Routing Number North Carolina


Routing Number | Pensylvania


Routing Number | South Carolina


Routing Number | Tennessee


BB&T Mortgage

The online application for a mortgage is easy with BB&T bank. The simple and easy to use online tool makes the mortgage easy and available. The banking professionals help you in all your mortgage related queries like buying the home, refinance of a home, borrowing the home’s equity and lot more.

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BB&T bank is the best bank which has always come up with reliable tools and service to ensure complete banking solutions. The team is highly responsive and solves customers queries.

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