Can AIB Transfer to Revolut

If you want to transfer money from AIB (Allied Irish Banks) to Revolut then this blog post is for you. Since, Revolut is a completely Online bank with no office buildings and infrastructore, cost of running the bank reduces significantly and hence it becomes cheaper to use Revolut instead of other traditional banks as their costs are rising . Like recently AIB introduced fees of transactions if you are not student or above 60. You have to pay a certain amount on every transaction.

Hence, transferring the money to revolut and using revolut card for making transaction can save you money. So, now

Yes, You can transfer money from AIB to Revolut like any other Banks. If You want to see how you can transfer from AIB to revolut you can see the steps below.

How to Transfer from AIB to Revolut

There are two ways you can transfer money from AIB to Revolut, both of which are shown below :

Using AIB Payment Portal

  1. Login to the Payment portal of AIB
  2. Click on Transfer to Different Banks Section
  3. Enter the Revolut account number and Routing Number
  4. Enter the Amount and then click Send

Tip: Try with a small amount and ask for revolut routing number if you are unsure with your routing number.

You can find help from the Revolut App

Using Revolut Payment Portal

  1. Login to the Revolut
  2. Navigate to accounts Section
  3. Click on Add money and then add your bank account and Voila!!
  4. You are Done

Note: It may take up to 3 Business Days for the amount to reflect in your account

Can you use Revolut without verification

Final Words

We hope that the Steps we described were clear and if you face any issue, you can contact revolut help center from the revolut Application.

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