Can I Transfer Money from Bluebird to Paypal

Bluebird is an American express prepaid account which comes with a lot of free features like 0 monthly fees, foreign transaction fees, Prepaid Debit cards etc. and PayPal is an Online application which lets you send money to anyone on the planet with a certain fees.

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So, now the question arises that whether can I transfer money from bluebird to PayPal,

If you looking for a way to transfer the money from Bluebird card to PayPal, then the answer is no, You cannot transfer money using your credit card to PayPal balance, although you can use it to pay someone else or receive payment from someone else, because PayPal uses your card as a source of funds to complete the transaction/purchase.

Now, If you are looking for transferring money into PayPal through your Bluebird Bank account, then you can do so easily, you just have to add your banks details like account number and routing number and then after that PayPal will make two small test deposits into your account and you have to mention the exact amount PayPal deposited and that’s it.

Your account is now verified and you can use it for making transactions or add money into PayPal wallet.

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