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Capital One Routing Number | Locations | Customer Service

Capital One Bank Routing Number

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When it comes to reputed and reliable banking solutions, Capital One Bank tops the chart. It offers all the best and world-class facilities to the customer which ensures their money is in safe hands.

Here in this blog post you will get Locations, customer Service and Capital One Routing Number

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Ques 1: If there any provision to check whether my FDIC is insured and secured at Capital One Bank?

The Capital One Bank is a part of FDIC member and is certificated too. Hence, all the deposit on every Capital One Bank is highly secured and insured. The security is at least $250,000.

Ques 2: What is the mention to create a direct deposit amount?

When you opt for the direct deposit, all or part of your pay check gets into your account in order to offer higher returns. All you need is to decide the amount which you want to contribute as the direct deposit every time period. This amount gets automatically deducted from each pay check and enrolling in direct deposit is very easy. All you need is to provide the account number and the routing number to get started.

Ques 3: How is routing number helpful in case of wire transfers?

The routing number is required for the wire transfer along with the account details. You can find the routing number from the most recent bank online transaction. Else, it is usually available at the bottom of the check leaf.

Ques 4: What is the procedure to request for the outbound wire?

The wire funds can be done out of the account only, the receiving account should be in the name or the benefit of the account owner. Wires cannot be transferred to a third party that includes all title companies and the escrow account number.


Below we have given you the access to the bank locator using which you can easily track the nearest bank near you.

Capital One Bank Routing Number

Below is the Capital One Bank Routing Number with copy button

Capital One  Routing Number

The routing number used at the Capital One Bank is 031176110 which is mandatory to carry the wire transfer.

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Routing Number for Direct deposit ACH transfer

Capital One Bank (USA), N.A


Capital One, N.A


Routing Number for Wire transfer

Capital One Bank (USA), N.A


Capital One, N.A


Customer Service numbers

The team of Capital One Bank customer support can be reached at 18049342001.

Service Hours

The helpful team of Capital One Bank is available from 10 am to 8 pm Monday to Friday. Whereas the automated service centres can be reached 24*7 all 356 days.

Online and banking technical support 18049342001
Service Hours 10 am to 8 pm Monday to Friday

Capital One Credit Cards

Capital One Bank offers 3 credit cards which are loaded with many exciting features

1.    Platinum Credit Cards: This card comes with zero annual fees with average credit level. The purchase rates are 26.99% variable whereas the transfer is free of cost.

2.    QuicksilverOne Credit Cards: If you love to enjoy lucrative cash banks, QuicksilverOne® credit card is the best choice. You can avail 1.5% of cash back on each and every purchase. That is all 365 days a year. The annual fee of QuicksilverOne® Rewards is $39.

3.    Journey® Student Credit Cards: The Journey Credit Card comes with exciting student cash back rewards. The annual fee is zero and the individuals can earn up 1 % of cash back on every purchase.

You can have more info about this topic here.

The Capital One Bank is famous for their incredible credit card plans. They always believing is offering the best services.

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