How to Downgrade Amex Platinum Card

Handling a Premium Credit card and paying its fees and other charges can be difficult for many people and sometimes you make the decision of getting a credit card without the proper knowledge of financial burden it will put on you and hence the only option you are left with is cancelling the card or … Read more

Can I Transfer Money from Bluebird to Paypal

Can I transfer from bluebird to paypal

Bluebird is an American express prepaid account which comes with a lot of free features like 0 monthly fees, foreign transaction fees, Prepaid Debit cards etc. and PayPal is an Online application which lets you send money to anyone on the planet with a certain fees. Also read: Get Paid to Kill Feral Hogs So, … Read more

Can I Use Revolut without Verification

Can I use revolut without Verification

Revolt is a complete Online Banking Software used to transfer and receive money Internationally as well domestically, although it does not cover every country in the world right now, but it still covers many major countries. Just like any other Banking application, you need to verify your identity to use its services and transfer funds … Read more

Can AIB Transfer to Revolut

If you want to transfer money from AIB (Allied Irish Banks) to Revolut then this blog post is for you. Since, Revolut is a completely Online bank with no office buildings and infrastructore, cost of running the bank reduces significantly and hence it becomes cheaper to use Revolut instead of other traditional banks as their … Read more

How Job Agencies Make Money

The employers are searching for the right candidate to hire, and the job applicants are trying hard to find the right job that they want. Job agencies or recruitment agencies are what help form the perfect, rightly-fit bond between employers and job seekers so that both can be satisfied in the end.  So, the question … Read more

How to Financially Survive as a College Student

It’s no secret that college education is expensive. And those tuition costs just seem to keep inflating. But students often enter college with little money, resources, or work experience.  So what’s a poor freshman to do? Well, you can start by following our ultimate guide to financial survival in college.  Budget  One of the first … Read more