Why are Ice Ball Presses So Expensive

Why are Ice Ball Presses so Expensive

Ice ball Presses which turns the Block of Ice into completely sphere are a bit expensive for an average middle class family, because of a few reasons like It’s a luxury item and luxuries don’t have a maximum price attached to them, they can go as high as the demand It comes with a complete … Read more

Why are Bully Sticks so Expensive

Why are bully sticks so expensive

Why do these simple sticks of dried meat costs around 30$? Maybe, these were your exact words when you went to supermarket or browsed online about the bully sticks. It may sound absurd and overpriced at first but you should know that they are appropriately priced and many factors contribute to the cost of bully … Read more

Why are Trumpets So Expensive

Trumpets are not everyone’s first choice when they decide to play Instruments but once they hear it or starts playing it, it becomes their Only choice and fall in love with it Instantly. But, this art is not cheap at all, especially for students who are just starting out, affording a good Quality trumpet is … Read more