Hi, let me take a guess, first, you are planning to send money to someone overseas and hence need the Swift Code for Chase Bank or the BIC(Bank Identification Code) but are unable to find an authentic source to get it.

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First Of All, What Does The Swift Code Means?

It is an international Bank Code that identifies particular banks worldwide. It is needed if you need to transfer money to an overseas bank i.e. outside your geographical limits.

Some quick question about the code are given below -:

Q Where are the headquarters of SWIFT?

Ans It’s headquartered is in La Hulpe, Belgium.

Q What is the full form of SWIFT?

Ans The full form is The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication.

Source Official


Q How do I request a replacement card if my card is lost, damaged or no longer works?

Ans To receive a replacement card you need to sign in to Chase Online and follow the instructions and you will receive the card in few days but if you didn’t receive the card even in a week then you must contact the chase bank or log in again and select didn’t receive the card option.

Q What do I do if my credit card has or is about to expire?

Ans We will automatically send you the new card once your card is about to get expire but only if your account is in good condition. In case your account is in good condition and you still haven’t received the card you can immediately contact us.

Q What is a deposit hold?

Ans This actually means that you are not allowed to withdraw the funds present in your account because your funds are not yet available in your account.

Chase Bank Swift Code

Chase Bank Swift Code

Below is the code of the bank with a copy button to it for your convenience so that you don’t have to face the issue of looking the code again and again and making the error of mistyping it as one wrong digit can ruin your whole transaction and may land you up in the trouble.

Swift Code


Customer Service

Below are the most common numbers of the bank’s customer service which will solve nearly all your general problems but if you want a more specific answer you will not be able to get it through these numbers but you can contact the specific customer service branch on the bank’s website and get it over there.

Online and banking technical support 1-800-935-9935.

TTY/TDD machines:



You can find the nearest branch near you by using the below map or you can use the Locator to find the Nearest branch to you without any hassle.

Being among the largest banks in the United States. It Keeps on offering delights for its customers to get extra benefits at low cost and easy access.

Chase Freedom Unlimited Features:

  • Those customers who have spent at least 500$ within three months of account opening can get a 150$ bonus.
  • There is no as such annual fees.
  • You can easily earn 1.5% cash back on your every purchase and the best part is the cashback does not expire and also there is no minimum value to be withdrawn.

You can easily get the info about this using this link


Investing has become an indispensable part on one’s life and if one wants to have an extra income through it then it is considered among the best option to have an income rather passive income and bank understands this need of extra income and hence have made services to serve the investors.

For more details, you can check out the following link: Here

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