The headquarters of Citizens Bank is located at the Rhode Island, it is located across 11 states and has multiple branches functioning to provide all necessary support to all the bank customers.

The Citizens Bank Routing number in a Bank is used to carry the financial transaction. It is a 9 digit number which is primarily used to identify the operation of your bank account.

It is popularly called as RTN or also sometimes as ABA routing number. It is a unique number which helps to transfer money across the globe. It helps smooth sending of money to family and folks internationally.

It helps you to make the payment via online mode. You just need to have your complete account number and RTN to begin the transaction. It is must for all the international money transfer to validate the bank regarding the money transfer.

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Below is the google map for you so that you could easily search for the nearest Bank to you or the nearest ATM to your location without any hassle.

Citizens Bank Routing Number

Citizens Bank Routing Number

Below is the RTN of the Bank with a copy button with it so that you could easily copy the number onto your clipboard. 

Routing Number


This number will help to identify the location of your bank when your account is functional. This number is must for direct deposit, paying bills online, transferring money internationally, requesting for a new cheque book etc

The RTN is available at the bottom of the cheque leaf. It is a 9 digital unique number located at the bottom left. There are some financial institutions who make use of different routing numbers to carry electronic and paper mode of transaction. If you are not aware of your Bank routing number, you can always ask the customer support team.

Customer Service Numbers | Service Hours

The dedicated team of Citizens Bank can be reached over the phone at 1-800-922-9999. You can give a call and get details regarding your bank balance, transfer of funds, cheque clearance etc. The Customer Service Number is functional 24 hours and all 7 days of the week. The team is spontaneous and solves the query very promptly.

Online and banking technical support1-800-922-9999
Service Hours 24 Hours * 7 Days

Student Loan

If you are looking for financial help to fulfill your higher educational dream, Citizens bank has unique student loan policies which ensure high quality and affordable education for all. The Citizens Bank Student Loan is available for both undergraduate students and graduates. The bank has the option of flexible repayment and you can also go for private student loan application.

In order to apply for Citizens Bank Student Loan, the students need to provide correct

  1. Address, Contact Number, Email ID, Date of Birth and Social Security Number.
  2. Details of a pay stub and proof of income.
  3. Complete details of employers like the name, contact number, duration of employment etc.
  4. Name of college planning to enroll.
  5. Attendance and financial details received from the school.
  6. The expected graduation date, the total amount of the loan period and the required loan sum.
  7. Signature of co-signer and valid email address.

Citizens Bank provide a complete solution for all your banking needs. The friendly staff will assist you with all the needful information regarding account opening, credit card payment, loan, small business financial help etc.

Final Words

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