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Here you will get the Comerica Bank Swift Code, Locations, Customer Care Numbers and some frequently asked questions about the bank and the swift code to solve your confusion.

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Swift Code Definitions

It is an international bank code that identifies particular banks worldwide. It’s also known as a Bank Identifier Code (BIC). It is needed if you need to transfer money to an overseas bank i.e. outside your geographical limits.

Do You Know Comerica Bank Routing Number?

The Comerica Bank Routing Number is 072000096 which means you can easily use this number to transfer money inside the country but to transfer money overseas you need a swift code.

Comerica Bank Locations

You can easily find the nearest Comerica Bank near you using the locator below  Locator

or you can use the google map. In the map, all you have to do is click on the map and look for the branch or ATM near you.

Comerica Bank Customer Service

Below are the numbers most commonly used customer service phone numbers sorted region wise. You can easily clear all your common doubts with the help of below numbers but if you have a specific doubt you can Get it cleared by the specific customer service executives.

Comerica Bank Swift Code

Below is the code with a copy button beside it so that you could easily copy the code to your clipboard and use it wherever you want to use it without any silly typing errors.

Swift Code/BIC
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Bank / Institution                                                        COMERICA BANK
Branch Name                                                                Address 411 BUILDING, FLOOR 2, 411 W. LAFAYETTE
City                                                                                 DETROIT, MI
Postcode                                                                        48226-3087

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