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Credit Card Declined Code & Credit Card Decline

First of all, we need to understand what a Credit Card decline and what is the list of visa, Mastercard, and chase credit card declined codes but if you are in a hurry, you can directly click here to see all the error codes with their reasons and solution.

Credit Card Decline is simply a process in which your credit card is declined due to various reasons or errors (which we will discuss later in this blog post ), and the payment is not processed on both ends i.e on the customer and merchant side.

For those who have not seen an error code, this is what it looks like and this generally happens when you are trying to make a payment using your Credit card.

To some people, a credit score is also the reason for declination. But credit score won’t affect it.

Note: There can be many errors and hence the display message can alter accordingly.

chase credit card decline codes

Credit Card Declines are Categorized in Two Ways:-

  • The first one is Soft decline and which means that the bank has processed your payment but there is some other issue in the payment cycle that is causing the error and hence not allowing the payment to reach the merchant or another side.
  • The second one is the Hard decline and which means that the bank has not processed your payment from its end due to some reasons which we have discussed below.

Every time a credit card is declined the user is presented with the reason in two ways i.e. first in the form of an error code and second in the form of an English message.

Credit Card Decline Codes

Note: The error codes and message can be of many types and vary from vendor to vendor.

So we are not discussing the error codes in this blog post instead we will be explaining the different messages you receive along with that error codes and explaining their reason and their solution.

Here are some of the examples of some error messages you receive when a credit card is declined (Both Soft and Hard Decline)

Credit Card Decline Error Codes

Error messageWhy this error occursSolution
Invalid credit card numberThe card number entered is invalidRecheck your Credit Card Number
Invalid addressThe billing address does not match the card network recordsRe-check the records for the correct address
Do not honorThe issuing bank’s fraud filter has been triggeredUse a different card or contact the bank
Processor declinedPayment authorization has been declined at the issuing bankContact the Bank
Payment collection failedThe gateway’s fraud filter has been triggeredUse another card or talk to the customer service merchant
Expired cardThe credit card being used has expiredContact the bank to renew the card or use another card.
Transaction not allowedPayment authorization has been declined at the issuing bankContact the Bank to know the exact the reason
Card reported lost/stolenThe issuing bank has marked this card lost or stolenContact the Bank to carry out the further procedure
Payment instrument not supportedThe gateway doesn’t support the payment method being usedSee for other payment methods available at the merchant
Insufficient fundsThere aren’t enough funds in the associated bank account to complete this paymentKindly fund your account or use a different card
Temporary HoldThe card is put on temporary hold by the bankContact your bank to know the exact reason for holding or using a different card.
Card Not ActivatedYour card is not activated yet by the bankContact your Bank or use the manual provided by them to activate the card.

If your Error message is not mentioned in this blog post it is best to discuss it with your bank directly.

Note Some error messages are intentionally vague.

According to Chargebee, they are vague because of a variety of reasons:

  • To Protect the User’s Privacy from the merchant.
  • To keep the Hackers in grey by giving them vague reasons for the decline of the card payment.

And no one can tell you why that error code has risen except your Bank and in some cases,

you also know them, but you need a small reminder to remember errors like Insufficient funds, invalid credit card numbers, and invalid addresses are the most common error codes seen in the United States of America.

You can also send money to someone without a bank account if necessary on the spot when your card is not working.


Either you are a merchant or a customer. We hope you were able to find the solution to the cryptic decline message and acted accordingly.

Let us know in the comments if is there anything we didn’t cover or if you are unable to find the solution for your problem.