Does Chase Bank Have a Notary or Not In 2023? Unveiling the Truth

Does Chase Bank Have a Notary

Finding notary services can be a time-consuming and stressful experience. But did you know that many banks offer notary services to their customers? But, does Chase Bank have a notary?

If not, then which banks have a notary? In this article, I’m about to share everything you need to know about Chase Bank’s notary services.

Does Chase Bank Have A Notary?

Yes, Chase Bank does have a notary. Many Chase Bank branches offer notary services to their customers across the country. But, you need to note that not all Chase Bank branches have a notary on staff. So, I recommend you call ahead to confirm availability.

What’s The Chase Notary Fee?

Chase Bank includes this service in its banking services package. So, they do not charge any fee for using their services.

Can You Make a Chase Notary Appointment?

Chase Bank does not want customers to make an appointment for notary services. But, customers may want to call ahead and check with their local branch for availability. Because each bank branch may have different hours of operation and staff availability

Where Can I Find Notary Services at Chase Bank Nearby?

To find a Chase Bank notary, You can use the website to find all Chase Bank locations that offer notary services. It provides you with details including their address, contact information, and opening hours.

Does Chase Do Notaries On Sunday?

Yes, some branches may offer notary services on Sundays. But it depends on staff availability and branch opening hours. For more information on availability, it’s best to contact your local branch now.

Other Places To Look For Notaries

If you’re looking for notary services and Chase Bank is not available. There are several alternative places where you can find notaries:

Other Banks: 

Besides Chase Bank, many other banks offer notary services to their customers. You can check with your local bank or credit union to see if they have a notary available. Some banks may offer this service free of charge for account holders, while others may charge a nominal fee.

UPS Stores: 

UPS Stores often have notaries on staff who can provide notary services. They typically charge a fee for their services, but they are convenient to locate and have flexible operating hours.

Local Courthouses: 

Many courthouses have notaries available to assist with legal documents and transactions. You can contact your local courthouse to inquire about their notary services and any associated fees.

Private Notary Services: 

Some independent notaries operate their businesses and offer mobile services. They can come to your location, such as your home or office, to provide notary services. You can find them through online directories or search engines.

Public Libraries: 

Some public libraries offer notary services to the community. They may have designated staff members who are notaries or provide access to notary services on specific days or by appointment. Check with your local library for availability and any fees that may apply.

Law Firms and Legal Offices:

Law firms and legal offices often have notaries on staff to assist with their client’s needs. If you have a legal matter or require notarization for legal documents, contacting a local law firm could be an option.


1. What is the notary?

A notary is a public official who verifies the identity of people signing important documents and ensures that the signing is free from pressure. They help prevent fraud and protect everyone involved in legal transactions.

2. Does Chase do notary for free?

Chase Bank provides free notary services to its customers.

3. Can I notarize my document?

No, you cannot notarize your document. A notary must be an impartial witness and cannot be the signer or a relative of the signer. This helps to ensure the validity and legality of the document.

4. Where can I notarize documents?

You can notarize documents in many places. It includes banks, post offices, courts, and other local offices. When you present a valid ID and the document, you need it notarized. Then select Chase Bank locations that offer free notary services.

5. What are notary documents?

Here are the most popular notarized documents:

  • Power of Attorney
  • Wills and Trusts
  • Deeds and Mortgages
  • Affidavits and Sworn Statements
  • Real Estate Closing Documents
  • Adoption Papers
  • Permission for Minor Child to Travel
  • Vehicle Titles
  • Contracts and Agreements
  • Business Documents and Licenses.


In today’s world, notarizing documents has become an essential legal Demand. Chase Bank is one of the many banks that offer free notary services to their customers. While not all Chase Bank branches have a notary on staff, it is best to call ahead to confirm availability.

With the help of their website, finding a Chase Bank notary near you has become easier than ever before. Remember, notarizing documents help prevent fraud and protect parties in legal transactions.