Does Chase Bank Have Free Checking In 2023? The Truth

Does Chase Bank have free checking?

If you’re looking for a bank that offers free checking. Determining which ones offer free checking and the requirements can be challenging.

In this article, I’ll answer the question, Does Chase Bank have free checking? And provide you with the necessary information to make a well-informed decision.

What is Free Checking?

Free checking is a type of bank account that doesn’t charge you monthly fees. It comes with many valuable services like a debit card and online banking.

But, to be eligible for free checking, you must meet specific criteria. This might include keeping a minor balance in your account or making regular deposits.

Does Chase Bank Offer Free Checking?

Chase Bank offers a free checking account called the Chase Total Checking Account. You don’t need to keep a small balance; it comes with handy features like online banking and mobile deposit.

But, there is a $12 monthly service fee, which you can avoid by meeting some requirements. For example, you might need to make direct deposits or keep a certain balance in your account.

Types of Checking Accounts at Chase Bank

Chase Bank offers different types of checking accounts, including:

Chase Total Checking Account:

Chase Total Checking Account does not need a small balance and offers free online banking. You avoid a $12 monthly fee if you have direct deposits or maintain a small daily balance.

Chase Premier Plus Checking Account:

The Chase Premier Plus requires a $25 opening deposit and a $15,000 daily balance to avoid fees. It comes with access to online banking, mobile deposits, and other banking services.

Chase Sapphire Checking Account:

Sapphire Checking Account provides rewards for those who want to earn perks. This account offers cash back on everyday purchases. As well as bonus points on travel and dining and a sign-up bonus. It has no small balance needed and no monthly fees.

Chase Private Client Checking Account:

Private Client Checking Account offers premium banking services, such as free ATM withdrawals, concierge service, special access to exclusive events, and more. There is a $25 monthly service fee and a small balance of $100,000 to avoid it.


Can I get free checking with Chase?

The Chase Total Checking Account offers free checking with no minor balances.

How can I avoid checking account fees?

You can meet specific requirements to avoid checking account fees, including making direct deposits or keeping the least daily balance.

Is Chase a good option for a checking account?

Yes, Chase is an excellent option for a checking account, as it offers a variety of performances to meet your needs.

Does chase bank have free checking for students?

Chase Bank offers a free student checking account called the Chase College Checking Account. This account has no monthly service fee and offers free ATM withdrawals. To avoid the $5 monthly service fee, customers must keep the least daily balance of $5,000 or more in their account.

What does Chase Bank offer for free?

Chase Bank offers its Total Checking Account with no minor balance and free online banking.

What is the $12 monthly service fee at Chase Bank?

The $12 monthly service fee is a charge for certain checking accounts if requirements aren’t met.

What is the Chase minimum balance?

Chase Bank has varying minimum balance requirements based on account type.

Can I use Chase debit card internationally?

Yes, Chase debit cards can be used internationally at most locations.


In conclusion, Chase Bank does offer free checking, but with some conditions. Suppose you meet the monthly requirements for the Chase Total Checking account. You have the option to avoid the $12 monthly maintenance fee.

But, if you’re, consider other checking accounts from Chase Bank for more benefits. Always compare prices and features before choosing.