Does Costco take EBT Payments

Does Costco take EBT? Are you also thinking about whether you can shop at Costco with EBT? This question is probably on everyone’s mind from some time. Don’t worry. Today, in this article, we will tell you everything about it.

Costco is a multinational corporation based in the United States of America having more than 746 warehouse stores worldwide. It is one of the largest retail chains offering a lot of grocery products at wholesale prices.

Does Costco take EBT?

Yes, Costco accept EBT cards for various food items allowed by the USDA for SNAP members i.e. those below poverty line. With EBT you can purchase all food items except readymade items such as pizza for delivery, fast food and rotisserie chicken etc. that are tax inclusive. See the Complete Detailed list of eligible food items here

Now customers don’t always have to pay with their visa card on Costco purchases. It also accepts other payment methods like cash, checks, ATM/debit cards and Costco Cash Cards.

Note: Costco gas stations and Costco car wash does not accept EBT as a mode of payment.

When did Costco start accepting EBT cards?

Since last April, Costco joined warehouse-club competitor BJ’s Wholesale Corp, started taking EBT from its customers, and Sam’s club which began accepting the same in 2008.

Can someone use my EBT card on my behalf?

Yes, you can give your EBT card to any trustable person who is not a SNAP member (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) to use your card for YOUR purchase. 

What all can I buy with EBT at Costco?

You can get all grocery items as you do buy from any normal grocery store. The primary benefit of shopping at Costco is that you get more in a package at wholesale prices. 

Here’s a list of food items you can buy with EBT at Costco:

Eligible Food itemsNon Eligible food items
Breads and CerealsBeer, Wine, Liquor, Cigarettes, Tobacco
Fruits and VegetablesPet food
Meats, fish, Steak and PoultrySoap, Paper products, Household supplies
Dairy ProductsFood eaten in store
Seeds and Plants which produce food for household to eatVitamins and Medicines
Soft Drinks, Candy, Cookies, Snack Crackers, Ice-creamHot Foods ( Prepared for Immediate Consumption)
Live Seafood Grooming Items
Energy Drinks (must have a nutrition label)Cosmetics
Bakery Items , Cake (Non edible part below 50%)
  • Vitamins and Supplements
  • Hot foods
  • Readymade foods

Note: The best way to find out what you can buy with EBT at Costco is to contact the customer service desk. The variety of purchases allowed at each Costco store could vary from state to state. 

Can I buy formula with EBT cards?

Yes, you can use your SNAP benefits to purchase baby food items such as cereals, juices, infant formula and many other. 

Can I purchase meal replacements with EBT?

No, you cannot buy any vitamins or protein supplements with EBT. Though there are some protein powders that are labeled as food so you can purchase that. However, any item labeled as ‘supplement facts’, then that product is a supplement which you can’t buy using your SNAP benefits. 

Do you know that target accept EBT Payments

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