Does KFC Take EBT Cards – Easy Guide 2023

My Banking Information - Does KFC Take EBT Cards

Does KFC Take EBT cards? I know most of us don’t know what an EBT card is. But there is a little secret for the people who have this card and use it frequently.

We all know that many companies do accept EBT cards. As well as, a lot of restaurants do accept these cards. Yes, I am talking about KFC. 

Does KFC Take EBT? Does it mean that the person ordering can use their EBT card to get the food items without cash?

To answer all the questions above, getting the food at KFC with an EBT card is possible. It is the most common question everyone wants to ask, but most people don’t know the answer.

Yes, we can use our EBT cards to buy food at KFC. However, you must know where and when to use the EBT card. If you are new to the world of EBT cards, I will start from the beginning.

What is an EBT card?

In some countries, the government provides EBT cards as part of the Electronic Benefits Transfer System (EBT). It is a card eligible recipients can use to receive cash benefits from the government.

Likewise, if you want to know the difference between Food stamps and EBT cards, then you will be shocked to know that food stamps are free food and EBT cards are food bought by the recipient.

EBT cardholders can use their cards for shopping at grocery stores, pharmacies, liquor stores, and gas stations as well. Also, they can use it to pay for food at restaurants, movie theaters, bowling centers, and amusement parks.

In other words, if you are a food stamp recipient, you will get a debit card, allowing you to buy food with this card.

In addition, the good thing is that the government provides the card to people who are not earning more than the income limit, which is $25,000. But if you are receiving welfare benefits, you will need the authorization to get a card.

So, now you know how the EBT card works, let us move to the next topic.

EBT Cardholders Can Use Their Cards at KFC

My banking information - Does KFC take EBT

You might be wondering why KFC accepts EBT cards. After all, this restaurant is just like any other. So, I will give you the reason.

Yes, it does mean that the person buying the food will have to use a cash or debit card instead of the EBT card. 

In the case of the people new to this, let me clarify that they will not be able to get the food even though they have an EBT card.

In other words, KFC can check the authenticity of the EBT card like other stores like Publix, and there is nothing wrong with that. Most people get confused between the debit card and the EBT card.


In conclusion, If you are looking for a fast food restaurant that accepts EBT cards, you should try KFC. The KFC gives a wide range of food options and accepts EBT cards. 


1. How do I apply for an EBT card?

You can apply for an EBT card at any of the SNAP locations in your area. The application is simple, and you can do it online.

2. What is the cost to apply for an EBT card?

You’ll bear some fee to apply for a card. The fee depends on your income level.

3. What should I know about the EBT card? 

You’ll use your card to buy food items, but you cannot use it to buy alcohol or tobacco. You’ll also use the card to buy gas.

4. How do I get money back on my EBT card?

You’ll use the card to pay for particular items. Then, you can return the card and get a refund.

5. How long will it take for the EBT card to arrive?

It’ll take some days for the card to arrive.

6. Can I use the EBT card to buy lottery tickets?

No, you cannot use the EBT card to buy lottery tickets.

7. Do I need a PIN to use the EBT card?

No, you do not need a PIN to use the EBT card.

8. Should I use the same PIN every time I use the EBT card?

Yes, it’d be helpful if you used the same PIN every time you used the EBT card.

9. Does KFC take EBT cards?

Yes, KFC does take EBT cards.