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Does Kmart accept EBT/Food Stamps

Does Kmart accepts EBT

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Recently I got a comment on an article written on “EBT accepting stores”, Does Kmart accept EBT (Food Stamps) in their stores and is there any rule to follow to order items using EBT card.

So, I wrote this article explaining what are EBT Cards, and what are some rules you need to follow to order items through your ebt card.

Does Kmart accepts EBT

Kmart accepts EBT formerly known as Food Stamps in all of their stores across United States but only for food items approved by the USDA in their guidelines

Also check out other stores which accepts EBT like publix, papa murphy’s etc.

What is EBT

EBT short for electronic benefits transfer is a card based system provided by government to people under SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), it allows people to buy groceries and other essential items for free and government tracks their spending using EBT system.

Note: You have to be eligible for SNAP before using EBT card.

What Food Items are Approved

USDA does not allow purchase of any item using EBT card, only items mentioned in the list provided by USDA can be purchased.

In general luxury items like alcohol, electronics, shakes (fast food) etc are not allowed and only essential items like bread, milk, meat etc. are allowed by the government.

Please check the complete list of approved food items here.

Does Kmart accept EBT Online

No, Kmart does not accept EBT Online. i.e. you cannot pay using your EBT card Online when purchasing through Kmart. As you can see in the Image below that They are acepting Credit Card, Gift Cards and Paypal.

But, you can find other stores which accept EBT Online Payments.

Kmart payment methods

Can you pay with Gift card on Kmart

Yes, Gift cards provided by Kmart or sears can be used on any Kmart throughout Australia and United States but they cannot be used in new Zealand and also Kmart has the authority to declare any item ineligible to be purchased through gift card, so you need to look for it when purchasing through gift card

Kmart Nearest Locations

You can visit the nearest Kmart locations to you using the locator they have provided on their website. Remember that many of the Kmart stores are closing and some have already closed, so make sure to check if the store is in operation or not before visiting it.

Kmart Locator

Final Words

I hope that we were able to solve your query and gave you the answer and also solve additional doubts.

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