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Does Liability Insurance Cover Towing?

Suppose you’re driving down the highway, enjoying the peace, when you drive to a buzzing curb. Then, the panic sets in as you realize you need a tow truck. 

But you think does liability insurance cover towing? The policies provide financial protection against unforeseen events. A liability policy covers damages or injuries caused by you to others in an accident. 

Auto liability policy provides you with many benefits in the event of a car accident. Having coverage in case of legal claims or medical expenses gives you peace of mind. 

Still, knowing what this type of policy covers is essential.

What Is Liability Insurance?

What Is Liability Insurance?

Almost all states need drivers to carry a liability policy. So, this policy protects you in an accident damaging someone or their property.

What Does Liability Insurance Cover?

What Does Liability Insurance Cover?

There are two types of auto liability policies:

  • Bodily Injury
  • Property Damage
  • Bodily Injury

A bodily injury liability policy covers the medical expenses of another party injured in an auto accident. In the case of a lawsuit, this protection may also cover legal fees and lost income.

  • Property Damage

You can claim this coverage if you damage another’s property. Property claims include telephone poles, fences, and fence posts.

These two forms of protection may have different limits depending on the state.

What Does Liability Insurance Not Cover?

An auto policy is helpful, but it only covers some things. The following coverage is not available if you’re at fault:

  • Your medical bills
  • Damages to your vehicle or other property you own

The liability policy doesn’t cover damage caused by animals (deer, possums, etc.), weather, or theft. It would help to have collision or comprehensive coverage for this. 

In addition, lenders may need collision coverage if you lease or finance your car.

Does Liability Insurance Cover Towing?

Most auto liability policies don’t cover towing. You will need a specialty policy designed to cover towing costs after an accident to get this coverage. You should also buy life insurance in your 20s and purchase a policy for someone else.

Most auto policies also don’t cover towing after a vehicle experiences a mechanical issue (e.g., a tire blowout, faulty head/tail lights, malfunctioning brakes, etc.). 

Yet, most car insurance providers offer roadside assistance as optional coverage. You may be able to get your towing covered if you’re not at fault in an accident. 

In similar ways, roadside assistance, not policy, may cover towing if you have full impact coverage. A typical towing policy also covers locksmith services and flat tire changes. 

Policies are available to meet your budget and requirements.

A policy covers claims related to bodily injuries or property damage. It is a basic liability policy. 

A particular policy covers towing services in some cases involving severe vehicle damage. Before choosing a policy, consider your needs and risks.

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Lastly, liability insurance does not cover towing expenses. In the event of an accident, it protects you financially. 

However, it does not typically cover the costs of towing your vehicle or any damages it may sustain during the towing process. Other types of policies, such as collision or full insurance, generally cover towing expenses and damages to your vehicle.

A collision policy will cover repairing or replacing your vehicle after a collision. A comprehensive policy covers damages caused by non-collision incidents, such as theft, damage, or natural mishaps.


What is liability insurance?

A policy provides financial protection if the policyholder causes injury or property damage to others. 

What does liability insurance cover?

An accident where you are at fault can result in bodily injury or property damage to others. But on the other hand, it may help cover medical expenses, legal fees, and repairs for damaged property.

So, who covers the towing expenses?

Towing expenses are usually covered by specific types of policies, such as comprehensive or collision policies. In addition, optional coverage is available for an extra premium on your auto policy. 

What is the comprehensive policy?

A comprehensive policy is optional coverage that helps pay for damages to your vehicle that are not caused by a collision. It typically covers theft, vandalism, fire, falling objects, and certain natural disasters.

What is a collision policy?

A collision policy is an optional coverage that helps pay for damages to your vehicle that result from a collision with another vehicle or object, regardless of fault. It can cover the cost of repairs or the replacement value of your vehicle.

Can I purchase towing coverage separately?

Some policy firms may offer standalone towing and roadside assistance coverage as an extra option. This coverage assists with towing expenses, jump-starts, flat tire changes, and other emergency services.

Are there any limitations on towing coverage?

Towing coverage typically has certain limitations and restrictions. For example, you may limit the distance you can tow or be restricted when towing coverage applies. Thus, it’s essential to review the specifics of your policy for details.

Is towing coverage available with every policy company?

Not all policy firms offer standalone towing coverage. However, many policy firms can add comprehensive or collision coverage to your policy, which may include towing benefits.

What should I do if I need towing but don’t have coverage?

You can contact a towing company directly when you need towing services and don’t have coverage through your policy. They will typically charge a fee for their services, which you will be responsible for paying out of pocket.

Does Liability Insurance Cover Towing?

No, the liability policy typically does not cover towing expenses. 

It is because its policy aims to cover damages caused to others, not the cost of towing.