It is interesting to know that Swift Code is used to transfer money overseas with fees to it. 
So in order to transfer money to someone, you must know it. Don’t worry as you will progress along the content you will get the required code.

If you are in a hurry you can get the First Citizens Bank Swift Code by directly clicking the link.

What is Swift Code?

It is just a code which is needed if you are transferring money overseas to someone.

Main Difference Between Swift Code And Routing Number?

Swift Code is used to transfer money to someone overseas while the routing number is used to transfer money within the country.

What is First Citizens Bank Routing Number?

The Routing Number is 031309589.

First Citizens Bank Locations

You can use the First Citizens Bank Atm And Branch Locator to find the nearest atm or branch to your home or you can definitely use the map below to search for the bank near to you.

First Citizens Bank Customer Service Number

Below are the frequently used customer care numbers for almost all the important domains like the business and general customer care. So, you can refer the number below without problem to solve your doubts.

First Citizens Bank Customer Care Numbers

First Citizens Bank Holidays

Below are the bank holidays for your general awareness these are the must holidays and also take care of the exceptional holidays.

First Citizens Bank Swift Code

Below is the code of the bank with a copy button to it so that you could easily use the code.

Swift Code/BIC

Final Words

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You can get the routing numbers of other Banks also here. Just Click on this link to get it.

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