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Get Paid for a Drug Trial {Earn up to $10K}

get Paid for Testing Drugs

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If you are like me, you might have also wondered how are these Vaccines for Covid-19 or other diseases are made and are they tested just on monkeys before giving it to humans.

Turns out there is no mad scientist doing crazy experiments in his basement lab like shown in movies but rather there is a whole process behind it with a team of scientist and millions of dollars behind every drug(medicine).

And it is tested on test humans multiple times before they are made available to normal humans and also the subjects (humans on whom the drugs are tested) make thousands of dollars just testing drugs.

I know, Drug trials are not among the most common ways to make some quick money but it definitely is a legit way to earn some quick cash.

You can get paid up to 10,000$ for drug testing and sleeping, watching movies on Netflix, or just taking a pill and doing your normal work.

So, now let’s look at 

What is Drug Testing/Trial

Behind every new medicine that is released in the market by big pharma companies, there is a lot of research and money.

And hence before releasing it for common humans it is first tested on animals like Monkeys, rats etc. and then test subjects (humans) and then it is released for common humans.

The common process for a Drug Development looks like this

Lab  →  Animals  →  Test Humans  →  Normal Humans

And yes, the test subjects are paid money to devote their bodies and time for these medical trials.

How is Drug Testing/Trials Done

So, the process for drug testing is like this the Drug is developed in the labs by doing a ton of research. After the research is done and scientist have an edible product it is tested on animals and the most common animals closest to humans are monkeys so it is tested multiple times to check for any poisonous substance in it.

After the confirmation of edible and safe nature of the drug then it has to be tested on humans but there is a complete process for that and there are different phases for that which are explained below.

Basically, there are 4 phases of Drug testing before it is released in the market for commercial use. And for each phase people have to volunteer their time and body through the portals available on the internet (Check those portals here) and in return of their time they are compensated.

For ex. Suppose XYZ Pharma made a drug to cure Lung Cancer then it will test on animals and after that it will have to test it on Cancer positive humans so it will ask the already present companies (agencies who gather people to volunteer) to find Cancer positive people and normal people who are willing to give their time for the resarch and then they will go through different phase.

Drug Trial Phases or Stages Explained (With Example)

Phase 1 → Phase 2 → phase 3→ phase 4

In Phase 1 trial the drug is basically tested for its effects on human body and the human body is closely monitored for the changes it shows when consuming the drug and, also the safe dosage of the drug is determined. Completely healthy patients are required in this phase.

For example If the drug is made for people suffering from Lung Cancer then it will not tested on them directly but It will it will be tested on healthy humans for noting the side effects or any changes it can potentially make in normal humans.

Usually a small group of people are gathered for this phase i.e. maybe around 20-60

In Phase 2 the drug is now tested upon the people for whom the drug was made and any side effect and efficiency of drug is being tested through it. 

For example if the drug is made for Lung Cancer people then it will be tested on the people suffering from Lung Cancer for testing it efficiency in treating the disease and noting its side effect. This phace usually last from a couple of months to 2 to 3 years.

In Phase 3 the drug is tested on a large number of people to establish the benefits of the drug and clearly noting any of its side effects when a large population consumes it.

Phase 4 drug trials are not generally conducted in labs but are conducted when the drugs are circulated in the population and hence its side effects are noted when it is mass distributed.

Note: Generally phase 1 and phase 2 are the most dangerous phases of drug trial before the drug is not tested for running and chances of Side Effects are more but payout is a bit bigger in those phases.

Do you Qualify for these trials

The conditions for qualifying are different for every trial but the common conditions are you must be a non-smoker, non-drinker and do not have any long term illness.

These are the normal conditions but every drug trial is different hence they ask for different condition like pregnant ladies, people with asthma, people with cancer, etc.

So you must check the conditions provided by Drug testing Companies in their protocol to check your eligibility for Drug trial.

How to Find Drug Trials

Usually, there are private companies that host the requirements of volunteers on their websites although here is a government website as well which lists all the researches going on in the country. You can check the government website here:

Note that it only lists the research and not the payout and other details.

But, there is an unofficial membership website which lists clinical trials near you if you are serious abot makin an income through it.

Other Individual companies are listed below which conduct paid trial

Which Companies Do the Drug Testing/Trials


Covance is among the biggest companies which conduct paid clinical trials all over the world. It has over 160M patients in 100+ countries. It conducts 100 studies every year and pays people for the trial in United States and United Kingdom.

So, it pays based on the time the person dedicates to the study amd the usual payout is between 500$ to 5000$.

Also you can refer a friend ad earn upto $500. Below are some of the rates of clinical study

Covance Clinical Trials

Source: Official website

You can check out the most commonly asked questions here

Trials 4 Us

Trials4us is part of the UK’s largest clinical research organisation and with the help of clinical volunteers our medical research can aid in the development of new safe medicines for mankind. 


It conducts paid clinical trials and pay people for the time they dedicate to the study, and it is only available in United Kingdom.

Payment: You get paid upto 100 pounds per day for participation in trials and if you refer a friend you can earn 90 pounds to 250 pounds and if you donate blood you can earn upto 100 pounds

Source : official website

Official website:



Flucamp is a company which develop drugs for Common cold and flu and conducts paid drug trials on humans for the same and hence compensates them.

Payment: The pricing depends on the length of trial and number of visits requested. According to their website the minimum payout is 100 pounds and You get a luxury room and get time to play games.

The Only Location is in United Kingdom.

How to Apply According to website

Official website:

You can refer to the faq’s here:


Parexel is in the business of improving the world’s health. We do this by providing a suite of biopharmaceutical services that help clients across the globe transform scientific discoveries into new treatments. From clinical trials to regulatory, consulting, and market access, our therapeutic, technical, and functional ability is underpinned by a deep conviction in what we do.

Parexel pays different amount for different studies and it has four locations where these studies are conducted like Baltimore, Los Angeles, Berlin and London. So, If you are from any of these places you can easily take part in any of these studies and also if you are not from these places you can still take part.

Parexel payout for clinical study ranges from $40 to $10,000

You can apply for the study using the official website.

Official website

Quotient Sciences | We Need You

Quotient are a world leader in running clinical trials, supporting medical advancements and making medications simpler for sufferers to take. With 30 years’ experience running these trials, we have been involved in the development of medicines for many different illnesses and conditions and have safely dosed more than 10,000 volunteers taking part in our trials.

Quotient Sciences

Quotient Sciences payout ranges from 100 Pounds to 3000 Pounds + travel allowance and also you can refer a friend to earn money easily.

Note: The location is only available in United Kingdom

Some example of paid clinical trial

You can check the benefits of this specific website here

Official website:

If you are from United Kingdom then you can check out London Trials, a well-estanblished Clinic

Also Another website is Clinical Connexion

Mishappening in Drug trials

Now, Being completely honest no drug trial is 100% safe and there were incidents which happened in the past due to some drugs which were given to people. You can check some of them here.

Common FAQs

Are Drug Trials Safe?

Yes, With improvement of technology Drug Trials are becoming more and more safe and secure, but some accidents have happened in the past due to drug trials.

Final Words

We hope we were able to guide you how you can earn money through drug trials and what are the complete Ins and outs of it. If you have any questions you can let us know in the comments.

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