Get Paid for House Clearance | Easy Guide 2023

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You’ve probably heard of house clearance and used their services, but did you know you can get paid for house clearance?

So, before you know the way, you might need to know how house clearance works.

How does house clearance work? Once you call the house clearance company and tell them what needs to be cleared from your house, they will start moving the items and load them in the truck and, depending upon the item either sell them, recycle them, or bury them in the landfill.

get paid for house clearance

You will only get paid if they decide to sell the item, and the item is more valuable than their fees.

So, let’s suppose you have a valuable painting or couch or any item which can be resold to the other person, then they will actually pay you back the money they receive from selling the items.

How much do you actually get paid for house clearance?

As We told above, Your payout completely depends on the item they acquire and sell, so there is no fixed payout that can be told but you can estimate the amount by checking things worth reselling and asking their reselling price, and deduct the fees of House clearance company which is usually around 500 pounds or upwards depending upon the area to be cleared.

how does house clearance work

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Some points to note

  • Try to sell house clearance items for free worth reselling yourself because the clearance company will pay you less in order to make a hefty profit.
  • How much does house cleaning cost? Ask them to reveal any hidden costs and also decide the fees to be paid for the house by either sending photos of the house to them or having an inspection by a company person of the area of the house.
  • How much does weekly house cleaning cost? Ask for their permits before making any deal with them because if they don’t have a permit and dispose of the waste incorrectly then you can be fined up to 5,000 Pounds or also prison time.
  • Beware of inexperienced people in this industry.
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  • Similarly, there are many other ways of getting paid you need to know.