Isn’t the idea of meeting a new person, having a great time, and maybe finding your soul mate while earning the extra dollar sounds too good to be true? Well, the idea is unconventional and rather new, but interesting! 

You could earn up to $300 with this dating venture while enjoying yourself all along. It may sound strange, but mind you these are not escort services. Physical intimacy isn’t a requirement and the defaulter could be banned or arrested even if they attempt to force without consent. 

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Why Would Someone Pay for a Date

First you need to understand that the websites we have mentioned are just mere mediators between two persons who want to date and the person who wants a girlfriend or boyfriend pays to the website to help them find a perfect match.

Now, you need to understand the type of persons who visit these websites, usually people with high income, less time or shy visits these websites who don;t want to go through the hassle of finding a girlfriend or boyfriend.and,

usually they use this service when they need to go to an occassion like a party, business gathering etc. and they need a companion for a veriety of reasons.

One would question, why would somebody pay for a date when there are so many free dating sites available? 

The catch about dating apps such as Bumble, Tinder etc. is that there is a process involved in dating. You must go on several dates, figure out compatibility or spark before willingly arranging a meeting with family and friends. There is time, energy and dedication put into this dating process. However, what can be done in cases where you are single and merely need someone to join you at short notice to a function? Or when you are not currently dating someone or are too busy to step up and socialize? 

This is where get-paid-to-date sites come into the rescue!

How these paid dates work?

The process or rules to find a date on hire differs between sites or apps, but the common finishing goal remains the same- to find a suitable person to accompany the other person to an event or maybe even just dinner. The details and expectations of the planned date gets explained and laid out before the meeting for both parties to decide if they want to go forward with the same or not.

Now, if you want to get paid to go on dates, you must know more about how they work. There are different types of dating sites that work on these paid bases. 

  • The first type is that of bidding sites. Here, you – the one ‘providing’ their time and energy- would choose the highest bidder to go on a date with.
  • The second is the Dating app kind which resembles the usual dating apps like Tinder but operates with much more restriction. An example of the same would be that all the users are supposed to put their photo and personal details, but the difference is that only the paid customers can send messages to the dates available on hire. 
  • The third is that of classified ads. The companies that opt for this approach expect the paid users who are in search of a date to put up their requirements, budget, further details of the date like time, place, etc. and wait for the dates-on-hire to message them if interested. 

There are also Tinder-like apps that mimic Tinder in most ways. The only stark difference is that the intentions of the one searching for a date is expressed explicitly so that no one lands up in a date expecting to find their soul mate or a future partner. The goal and prospectus are made very clear at the beginning itself.

Other sites and apps may opt for differing approaches; however, there are a few things that are common in all of the get-paid-to-date companies. The first being, fees – most of these companies take a commission out of the membership fees, a certain percentage of the sum to maintain the site and quality in it too. They also take extra efforts to clarify that the business and venture is legal. They make sure to express that they are not an escort service and therefore are not illegal as well. 

Another common thing is that physical contact is not required and even condemned when done without consent. Most of these websites explicitly state that having sex on the first date is not a requirement and if anyone is forced into doing anything that was not aforementioned or against their consent, they must report the person immediately. 

What to expect on these Paid Dates?

In these get paid to date apps, the date isn’t limited to conventional norms. The ‘date’ could range from a day at the beach or park or attending concerts or even a chilled out session in a coffee shop.

A good amount of business comes in through tourists who are looking for a local date so that they would have company while sightseeing and would also get to visit the hotspots that only a local would know about. They would wish to eat at good local restaurants and have a gala time without worrying about the language barrier or experiencing the boredom of sightseeing alone. There are also situations when the date would be that of a formal setting such as award nights or business dinners.

The biggest advantage of these types of dating sites is that concrete detail as to the whereabouts of the prospective date is a must. The paying users would have to mention intricate details of the date, like the time of the date, duration, location, kind of event, type of person expected, and so on.

This process of listing down all the expectations of the user is extremely important as the dates that would be hired rely solely on these given details to either accept or reject the offer, and whether to go for the particular date.

How much can you earn through Paid Dates?

The dating gigs via these apps and sites would pay anywhere between $50 and $500 for one date. The average amount for one date is about $100. Isn’t the amount exciting considering the fun task to earn? The payment is usually made in cash either before or after the said date. Many websites and apps have also come up with an online payment option via the dating platform itself. 

This piece of information is essential while setting up the date as well. There is no surprise in the simple fact that you will make more money if you go on more dates. The more the merrier! Most dating sites do not have a limit as to how many dates you could go for, allowing you to use this opportunity to its fullest for your financial benefit. 

Hiring ability and subsequently, your earnings depend on physical attractiveness due to the nature of the job and industry. Physically appealing individuals are usually hired more than otherwise. Therefore, it is essential to dress well and have a good profile. Besides this, it would also help to be socially aware, to spark conversations with the date and their colleagues or friends. 

9 Best Sites to find Paid Dates


A romantic setting isn’t a prerequisite to all dates. Rentafriend focuses on just this type of ‘dating’ where platonic relationships or friendships are built. It is a way to find a friend, someone to hang out with. They even provide you to get a friend virtually where you could hire someone to spend time with you over Zoom or Facetime. 

You can check Official website here –


This site comes under the above-mentioned bidding dating site, where the women set out to advertise their profiles. The men bid on the profiles and depending on who bids the highest, the woman goes out with them.

Official website-


They also work with the intention of providing a means for the people looking for a date. They actively hire people to go on dates, unlike many of its competitors. If interested in working here, one must apply via their website and clear an interview to begin dating for them.

Official website-


This website is a bit different from other websites as it allows women to find dates and men have to accept the date.

Official website-

My Bunny Date

It is an amazing website which lets you bid on the person you want to go on date with, if you are a person who would like to go on a date for some money then you can see the bids and accept the bid which you like depending upon the price or person.

They also allow you to donate for charities.

Official website-


To get paid via this site, one must set up a profile, filter through requests, and choose the one you would want to go out on a date with, depending on money or personal preference. Here, unlike the previous site you would get to keep the whole fee, no amount will be deducted by the company.

Official website-


This is a dating auction site that works just like WhatsyouPrice and Mybunnydate. It claims to provide successful men with the chance of meeting young attractive women.

Official website-


Here, the website has the sole agenda of pairing up people to go on vacations or travel the world together. The dates aren’t the usual coffee ones and are much longer.

Official website-


This one merges the dating site with a tour guide provider. It is meant for foreign travelers to meet local singles who would show them around the place.

Official website-

Things to keep in mind on these paid dates

Dating in general in the digital age does make things a little easy but also does open up a large window for potential risks and security issues. Safety comes first, irrespective of gender, class, or any other social construct. Therefore, there are certain precautionary measures you must employ when going on the paid dates. 

  • Protect your Real identity: To start, guard your real identity. You do not want your personal information to be shared with every other person online. Make sure your username doesn’t disclose your full name, don’t upload photos on the dating site from your other social media accounts. Also, never share your true phone number with the date, if necessary a burner phone may be used as well. Never share details about your real location or financial information. Never send money electronically either.
  • Initiate a video call with your expected date: It is also a great idea to have a video call with the date before meeting them in real life. However, do take measures to make sure that your location or any traceable information about your background isn’t revealed in this video call. 
  • Fix your meeting at a public place: The best step you could take is to meet the date at a public place and never in a car, a motel, or a parking lot. Make sure the place is such that if needed you can escape swiftly and easily. 
  • Inform a friend or family member about your date: It is essential to make sure that someone, a friend or relative, always knows where you are. Share your live location with a trusted person always and let them know who you’re meeting as well. 
  • Never say ‘Yes’ to a ride for home: Next, never oblige to a ride home from the date. Use public transport or rent/take your vehicle, have a close one pick you up, or even use a cab service. But, always have your independent way of getting home safe. 

Lastly, and most importantly, trust your gut! If you feel uncomfortable at any time during the date, trust your intuition and simply leave. You needn’t worry about being “nice” and staying nevertheless. If something feels fishy, walk right away. This may just save your life. 


In conclusion, this sort of means to earn the extra buck can be lucrative if taken carefully and frequently. It is a biased, sexist system that solely operates on the objectification of the physical self (mostly of women), but hey, it a capitalistic world, anything is allowed in the name of money!

Happy dating!

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