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Get Paid to Kill Feral Hogs

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Feral Hogs are a big nuisance in Texas and if you don’t know abut the problem, you can easily ask any texan and you will know.

So much so that the government is paying people to kill the wild hogs and get money for it.

If you are not from Texas it might be hard for you to comprehend, how these small animals can be such a nuances for the state.

But, if we look at it there are approximately 2.6 million hogs in the state of Texas alone and since they can eat almost anything and can survive any where, there population is growing rapidly and due to this they tear up yards, fences, damage crops and harm fragile ecosystems making it hard for the people to leave peacefully there.

So, the government took some bold measures to control their population and issued bounty on them i.e. if you kill a hog and bring the ear pair you can get 5$ from the government.

Let’s Look at how you can earn by killing Hogs:

Government Bounty

If you kill a hog and submit the ears of the hog as a proof then government will you 5$ as bounty but there are certain limitations to it like every household has a limit of 20 Hogs every month only and government will not pay for any more hogs.

So, basically you can only earn 100$ through it every month and additional payment from selling Hog meat is different.

Ranches and Neighbourhood

You can contact local ranches and your neighbourhood land owners if they are looking for a hunter who can kill hogs and you can work for them on a part time basis and earn money and also there are many businesses now who are doing the same work.

Since this is not an official job, so the pricing vary based on urgency, skill and need. You can negotiate your price with them.

How to Kill Wild Hogs

Guns are very effective in Killing the Hogs, but you should make sure the gun and bullet is the most appropriate for for because if you use too high a caliber or ballistic tip bullet then the skin an meat can completely damage making it unable to eat and if you use very low caliber the hog may not die at all, because of the incredibly thick skin.

Let’s look at the equipment you should be using for this, if you are 100 yards away then .270 or .308 caliber will work well and if you are within 100 yards then .44 mag handgun can be the choice.

In case of bullets you can use 180 grain Nosler partitions and for hand gun you can use lead made (Cor-bon)

and you should aim for the lower shoulder to have the most chances of killing the hog.

Check out the Best Guns for killing hogs here.

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