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Get Paid to Narrate Audiobooks

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Audiobook are becoming more and more popular day by day, Just look at this graph showing the popularity growth of Audiobooks over the years.

but with great demand, supply did not go up, As you know audiobooks are simply audio version of Physical Books narrated by a person with varying the intensity, and changing tones.

and If you are someone with a clear voice and also knows voice modulation then you can easily earn $100/ pfh (Per Finished hour) using Audiobook narration .

So In this article we will cover everything you need to know about earning with Audiobook narration like Tools to use, Websites to get work and other things needed in order to succeed in this work.

What is Audiobook Narration

By now, you already what an audiobook is and you probably read them on a daily basis but have you wondered why there are very less audiobooks in the market.

Well, its simple because it is still human centric and need actual human with good voice and who knows acting to narrate the book.

Now, to earn by producing audiobooks you have to follow a simple process and learn a few things. Let’s start by seeing how the complete process work

Simply an author publishes an awesome book and makes it live on all the platforms like amazon etc. to be bought and then they think of producing an audiobook of it, and since it requires good voice skills and a clear voice, they themselves cannot do it and hence need to hire an a voice actor.

That’s where they go searching for them and land up on sites like ACX (Amazon creative exchange),, fiverr etc. and hire a freelancer voice actor to narrate their book and make a complete audiobook out of it.

and obviously the payment terms are different for every platform (which we will discuss later in this blog post)

So, lets see now how you can get work on platforms for an audiobook narrator

Also earn money by Playing games

How to get Audiobook Narrator Gigs

Getting clients is the sole foundation of succeeding in this field and hence you should focus heavily on getting clients and working more and more in the starting phase.

ACX (Amazon Creative Exchange)

With the growing popularity of amazon audible (an audiobook platform) amazon has launched its very own market place where artists and author can connect and make audio books and have transactions securely.

How to get started on ACX

  • Crate a profile on ACX
  • Upload your audio samples for all the accents you possibly can do and the languages you can do, remember that the more samples you upload the more chances are there for you to be get hired
  • Choose Books you want to audition for and upload a sample of the voice over to the author and also select how you want to be paid i.e. whether through Per finished hour or royalties
  • If you are selected by the author then you will receive an offer and if you like the offer then you can accept it and start recording till the first milestone so that the author can keep the check on quality
  • Ater finishing the recording you can upload the file according to the requirements and if you are approed by the author you can start receiing payments (Based on the method you chose)

How the Payment work on ACX

There are mainly three ways to accept payment on ACX as a voice over artist

  • complete payment (Per finished hour) – In this method the author and artist decides a fixed price for per finished hour of the audiobook and it can be anything around 100$ to 1000$ / pph

Note: PPH is the per finished hour of the audiobook and refers to the time it takes to complete the audiobook from production to editing

For eg if an audiobook is 8 hour long and you took 56 hours to complete the audiobook, then you will reciev the money for that 8 hour audiobook only, not for 56 hours

  • Royalty – You can have a royalty deal with author where both of you will split 50-50 of the sales the book makes on all the platforms it is bought from i.e. amazon, itunes. and you will receive the payment monthly
  • Both – You can also opt for pph and royalty deal for a book

Some key-points

Audio Submission requirements by ACX 

If you want to earn some extra with ACX as a voice over artist then you can share a unique link to your family and friends and if they buy the book you did voice over for, you will recieve 25$ in your account.

Note:: You and author must be in a royalty deal and you get the money only if a person who first time joins audible buys your book first.

Amazing tool for checking the quality of your audio

You can get the glossary here

Fiverr and Upwork

Fiverr and upwork are an Online freelancing site which connect freelancers with employers looking for a small work to be done. A lot of authors look for voice over artists for converting their book to audiobook.

How the Payment works

On this platform there is no such thing as royalty or pph, you simply come at an agreement by your own understanding with the author and upon successful completion of audiobook, you get paid in your bank account.

You can also find audiobook narration work on other platforms as well like the etc.

Voices is an amazing platform with a lot of trusted authors and voice over artists which helps connects vocie over artist with not just authors but also other people who are looking for voice over for their commercials, videos etc.

and audiobook narration is also a big part of this and people get a lot of audiobook narration through it.

How to get started on Voices

  • Sign up and create and profile
  • Verify your address, bank account details and other details
  • Submit your best audio samples
  • Start searching for work and start applying by reading the guidelines carefully

If you are learning and just want to start in the voice over world you can start with a free membership but if you are serious in this then you can pay to get additional features and get more gigs

Find FAQ here

Note: also check the rate sheet for clients by voices to get better understanding for what clients are willing to pay for services

Voice bunny

Voice bunny is rebranded as bunny studio and is also a trusted name in the field of voice over jobs

How to start earning with Bunny studio

  • Set up your profile and verify your identity
  • Submit your best audio samples
  • After the bunny studio reviews your work then they will notify and you have sign an agreement digitally and you can start receiving clients for audiobook and other voice over work

There are three ways through which clients book people on voice bunny i..e , Booking , Contest and Speedy.

  • Booking- The Client browse through the voice samples provided and choose the person most fit for their work
  • Contest – The client submits the project details and voice requirements to the Voice Bunny and they conduct a contest in which only 3 people are shortlisted and the client then shortlists and pick one
  • Speedy – The client simply submits the requirements and voice requirements to the company and they company people chooses a person for doing the vocie over work

Check the faqs here.


You should start a podcast as a side hustle and learn the skills and educate people on the same side and let in people with the insights of the industry and ho difficult it is or how easy it is to get the client and tips you learn, about voice over

Now, you know how to get your client let’s prepare for the Audiobook narration work

Equipments Required

  • Computer or laptop not a high end but a good one – It will be used to edit and record the audio and see for any potential error while recording the audio.
  • A Mic – A good quality mac is very iportant as it amplifies your noise and make it more clearer
  • A pop screen – Its basically a screen before your mic to prevent any spit to reach the maic and also prevent any strong sudden noises like from difficult words
  • Headset – When you are recording you have to listen to your voice continuely to catch any errors and corrct it
  • Tablet or e reader – if you will be reading through a book then the page turning voice will be there
  • Quiet recording space
  • Recording and editing software

Preparing for Audiobook Narration

For preparing for audiobook narration you should first prepare the setup to do the narration and also prepare yourself for the narration process

Prepare Yourself

Preparing yourself is very important before starting the narration process, so try to have a ritual before you start the work

  • Clean your nostrils and mouth
  • Eat something and drink warm water with ginger

Preread the Book

You should always preread the Book for any Ups and Downs in the Tone and also noting down the pronunciation of difficult words and character transitions

  • look for any voice modulations
  • look for difficult words
  • Premark the characters transition and their voice

Keep the Recording Organised

It is a good practice to make separate folders for each chapter of the book and keep them organized like keeping the mp3 files for each chapter in separate folders and additional notes for editing for each chapter

Prepare the Workspace

For recording any kind of voice you should have a completely quiet space and also its best to have a sound proof space or a room where there is no echo

  • Wear simple clothing and remove any jeweleery
  • turn off any appliances which makes noise like refrigateors, air conditioners etc
  • Set up studio far from a busy street
  • Download the Book on the electronic device to avoid noise due to book page turning
  • Close the windows and gates

Prepare Equipments

prepare all the equipments like the Headset, computer, laptop, sound screen, electronic reading device, sound screen, pop screen and mute all of them so that they don;t make any external noise.

Check for professional Software

You will have to get professional software like audacity for checking the audio quality while recording and also editing the audio.

You can also take up a professional course from udemy to learn about editing voice overs

Tips to succeed on these platforms as an audiobook narrator

  1. Make he Best profile with an amazing picture and specify every detail like your city and your expereince and your portfolio
  2. Add as any audio samples with as many accents in different languages
  3. Promote your services and look and analyze other top people in the space
  4. Choose your books wisely and don’t simply go for royalty deals on ACX you can go for other ways as well as the royalties are pretty low.

You can look at this amazing interview by a Audiobook narrator for gaining some insights into the industry.

Final Words

We hope that we were able to guide you properly about how to get paid to narrate an audiobook, and make sure you read the terms and conditions of every contract very carefully.

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