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If you are interested in gaming and want to learn, how you get paid to play PS4 games, then this article is for you. Irrespective of your Age, Gender, and nationality, gaming is one thing loved by everybody around the world. And since it has evolved from just being outdoor games to almost realistic games inside house and PS4, Xbox are the leading pioneers win making this happen.

Gaming is fun, relaxing and energetic but it does not help you in earning money, and that’s the only reason they are looked down upon as time waster. But, if I tell you that you can earn money playing games all day and in some cases you can make more money than a graduate engineer or Doctor.

Let’s look at how Gaming can help you earn money and live a life playing games.

So, We will start by some basic ways to earn money using ps4 games or any game in particular and will also mention the earning potential for each way:

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How You Get Paid to Play PS4 Games – Step By Step

Sell your Old Games

Maybe that game is too old for you now to play but the neighbour kid might play it for the first time. So, if you want to make some quick cash, you can easily sell the game to someone, you can also use online platforms like Ebay, creggslist etc.

Check out the top places to sell your Video Games

You can make anywhere between $20 to $90 per video game depending on the rarity of it.

Become a Game tester

By now you might have watched countless hours of youtube videos on the game development and behind the scenes from Game developing companies but do you know that countless number of people test the game for any problems before you and almost anyone can apply to be a part of testing group, you just have to apply for the games on the website below and if you meet the requirement then you will be selected as the Game tester

You can check out this article for the companies who are hiring game tester

Since this is an actual ob and requires you to be dedicated to it, you can make around $55000 per year.

Stream Video Games

If you are not a quite video game player and are a good entertainer then you can very easily be the streamers of video games on popular platforms like Youtube and twitch and if you are really good at entertaining people then you can earn a pretty good living out of it.

check out this guide if you are inereseted in becoming a streamer

Since this is an art and art has the price the viewer is willing to pay, so it depends on basically your views and sponsorships you get from brands for the Video Games.

You also earn with game donations and ads on your Youtube channel as well

The earning potential is truly limitless in this case, popular streamers also make millions doing so.

Become a Game Developer

Although this will not be the most fun thing to do but it will certainly allow you to earn a significant amount playing games (in professional enviornment as well)

Accoridng to glassdoor you average salary is $51,000 / per year and since this will be a full time job you will have to dedicate your time to it.

Final Word

We hope that we were able to tell you the best ways you can use to earn money while still playing games, if you have any other question. You can comment down below.

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