How to Check Your Business Credit Score For Free | 4 Tools

My banking Information - How to check your business credit score for free

Credit scores have always been an indispensable part of American citizens whether you are looking for a loan, buying a car, or anything which involves a bank. In this article, you will learn, How to check your business credit score for free.

Just like a personal credit score examines your personal creditworthiness, a business credit score examines your business creditworthiness.

And it is important as a business owner for you to keep checking your Business Credit Score. While there are some paid tools that give you the complete credit score, there are also some tools that give you Your Free Business Credit Report.

Also, transferring money from different accounts to others, like Bluebird, PayPal, Revolut, AIB, and many others, also affects your credit score, and you may see that your money is affected by taxes, so you should have knowledge about the IRS audit.

How to Check Your Business Credit Score For Free? Before starting out with how you can check your Business Credit let’s have a look at the summary of Business Credit you can skip this part anytime and know how you can get your credit score for free.

Unlike personal credit scores, a business credit score is measured on a completely different scale.

Forex’s Personal credit score ranges from 350-800 whereas business credit score range from 0 -100 or some companies like Equifax have three different scales for different aspects of business like the payment index (0-100) the credit risk score (100-992) and business failure score (1000-1610).

Can I check my business credit score? Yes! Now we can dive into five ways to check your business credit score using the free tools.

Note some of these tools are not completely free but they are worth mentioning in the list because of their quality.

How to Check Your Business Credit Score For Free – Important Tools


My banking Information - how to figure out your business credit score

NAV is a wonderful place for both common people and business owners to monitor their credit score easily and for free all you need to do is create a free account.

Unfortunately, they only provide a summary report from your credit score for free not the actual score but you can always pay extra to get a complete report and score

Also, you get the credit score report from both Dun and Bradstreet and Experian.

They also tell you ways to improve your business credit score using their blog.


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Dun and Bradstreet have an awesome free business credit score checker which allows you to see the credit score report and also see if someone is requesting your credit score or if any changes are made to your credit score report.

If you use a paid feature these features can be of real help because they will tell you exactly who has requested your credit score.

Also, they have a ton of educational materials to help you increase your credit score, and that too industry-specific

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It is another excellent service to check your business credit score but it is not entirely free as you have to select a package you can have a 7-day trial for it where you can monitor your business credit score.

So it’s up to you whether you really need a paid service or just wish to go through the trial once also their trial includes Direct access to one of the experts.

They also allow you to see the reports of other businesses around you, which can be very handy if you have competitors or want to check the companies you are working with.


My Banking Information - what is good business credit score

It is another service that excellently provides you with your score in an understanding way especially if you are new to this can be beneficial in understanding your business credit score.

It is a trial-based service but completely deserves a few minutes to signup

My Banking Information - How to Check Your Business Credit Score

How to Check Your Business Credit Score For Free? Yes, you guessed it right it is another service that excellently provides you with your business credit score for free through a trial and through a paid subscription.

This service provides many credit monitoring tools, including syncing your financial data, your payment trends, risk rating, days beyond terms, and much more.

Likewise, If I talk about Credit cards so, some people don’t have an idea about their credit cards, their credit cards get declined and they become confused or depressed. So, it would be best if you had to know the idea about it.


So, at last, we won’t tell you the benefits of checking your credit score but what I will tell you is it better to be prepared for the opportunity than to wait and see it pass and as a business owner, it (credit report) can open many gates. You can also check some ideas about your credit cards, like how your credit cards work.