A swift code, also called BIC code is a code that differentiates between financial and non-financial institutions. This code is particularly beneficial for doing international wire transfers between banks. All the banks and various institutions make use of this code while doing any transaction.

Here In this blog, you will get the HSBC Swift Code.

HSBC Bank Swift Code

Common Questions

Below are the most common questions compiled for you asked by people on different search engines.

Ques: What is a quick transfer function?

Ans. Quick transfer function enables the users to transfer the amount to beneficiaries without adding them. This feature is located at the bottom of the ‘my banking page’ below the transaction history section of the page.

Ques: Which accounts can be accessed for bill pay?

Ans. All checking accounts are applicable for bill pay.

Ques: How to make an online balance transfer?

Ans.  Follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Sign in to your personal internet banking.
  • Tap on your HSBC MasterCard credit card.
  • Tap on credit card details.
  • Click on ‘balance transfer’ from the services and enter all the required information.
  • Now, tap ‘submit’.

Ques: What is the maximum amount for balance transfer?

Ans. A balance transfer can be made with any amount. However, the total amount incorporating the balance transfer charge should be less than the available credit limit.

Ques: Does stop check request possible?

Ans. Yes, it is possible to stop any check. Open the account details>manage>stop check. Remember, if the check has already been processed that it cannot be stopped.

Ques: How much time it takes to post the balance transfer to account?

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Ans. It usually takes 7-10 days to post balance transfer to account through personal internet banking.

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HSBC Bank Swift Code

The swift code is MRMDUS33. It is a unique code associated with each bank that is vital to carry out any wire transfer. We have also included a copy button for you so that you can use the code in just one click.

Swift Code



Below is the map of the Bank. You can click it to find the location of the bank near to you or you can use the locator to find the bank location near to you.

Customer Service Numbers 

For any queries or doubts, you can reach to 1860 266 2667. The customer support team of the bank is always available to extend their help to its customers. You can either visit the branch offline or can take online help as well.

Service Hours

The bank is open to its users 24 hours 7 days. You can call them anytime on their respective customer support number.

Online and banking technical support 1-860-266-2667
Service Hours 24 Hours * 7 days


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Many people often confuse IFSC code with swift code. The SWIFT codes consist of 8-11 alphanumeric characters which are necessary to success any wire transfer across the world.

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