The Huntington Bank routing number helps to identify the location of your bank where your account is functional. It is mandatory to provide it during all the transaction along with other important information like full account number and beneficiary name. It is usually found below the check leaf, usually at the left corner.

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Ques: Can I use my chip card to carry transactions ?

Ans: It is totally safe to use chip card everywhere, especially during your regular purchase. Almost all the leading merchants accept chip card as a payment mode.

Ques: What is the additional fee to make use of Chip card?

Ans: There is no additional fee to use the chip card. It works as an added card which can be used everywhere.

Ques: Is the chip card secure?

Ans: All the traditional magnetic strips need a signature during the transaction, it is majorly for security purposes. Whereas chip card ensures complete security and fraud protection by making use of embedded microchip which is converted into a unique code. Create a duplicate copy of it is practically impossible.

Ques: What is the procedure to get a cash advance?

Ans: One can get the cash advance via ATM or visiting the nearest Bank Branch. Make sure you have the right PIN available with you.

Huntington National Bank Routing Number

Huntington Bank Routing Number

You can find the same on the bottom of every check leaf too.


Below we have attached the map for you so that you could find the nearest location to you but if you still find it difficult you can refer this Branch locator.

Customer Service Numbers

For all kind of banking related queries, you can reach the customer technical support team of  Bank at 1(616) 355-8828

Service Hours

To provide the best banking services to all its customer, the customer care team can be reached on call 24 *7 round the year on the toll-free number.

Online and banking technical support1(616) 355 – 8828
Service Hours (Customer Service )24 * 7 Days
Huntington Bank Credit Cards

Credit Cards

Huntington Bank offers excellent rewarding options on all 3 credit cards. You can select the one as per your need and budget.

  1. Gray Voice Card
  2. Green Voice Card
  3. OSU Voice Card

These credit cards come with a unique rewarding benefit for all the customers. Moreover, each customer gets 1 extra day to pay, so no worries about the missed payment anymore. The card can be used across the globe, there are no added foreign fees to it. These credit cards have zero annual fees.

You can select the 3X rewards option or the lower rate one. Get up to 3 % and more cash back reward on shopping and other purchases. The 2% lesser interest rate ensures you spend less and clear the balance amount in a speedy way.

Stay happy and safe with Huntington bank, a perfect banking partner for personal and business needs. Spend via credit card without worrying about online fraud. We believe in providing total safety to all our customer. In addition to it, enjoy rewards and cash back points on every swipe and purchase.

Final words

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