Increase your Home value | 7 Actionable Steps

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Do you know How to Increase your Home value? NO? this article will give you the best information about the best inexpensive, cheap, ways to Increase your Home Value. A home is where we are the most comfortable than anywhere else in the world. Thereby it becomes obvious to make your home a perfect combination of comfort and efficiency in all possible ways.

How to Increase your Home Value

Here in this blog post, I have curated the 7 actionable best ways to increase your home value and sell it at a profit you never imagined. For instance,

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Try making it more Appealing

  • As much as the interior is important, the exterior part of your house should have its own beauty so that the buyer must be fascinated enough by the street itself and want to get inside the house.
  • For making it appear more attractive you can try making your front yard, decorated with trees and flowers, or a proper garden if there’s enough space available.
  • A decent-looking door is also very welcoming, needless to say.
  • Coming to the interior, the kitchen should be remodeled preferably. You don’t need to spend excess money on the flooring, but making the room more effective and well-equipped goes a long way. similarly, if you want to make more money avoid paying fees and try for a scholarship, I think this is the next best way to get worth.
  • Then comes the bathroom where the flooring can be made of affordable material, and even design isn’t a concern. But updated fixtures and an efficient bathroom is a very important criteria for the buyer.
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Your Home should be Low maintenance

  • A buyer would only be more delighted to find that his/her new buy is of low maintenance and does not require immediate repair of parts. So I suggest you replace the furnace or the roof for that matter. You can also pay attention to carpeting.
  • Improvements that would help in maintaining hygienic and clean conditions would be a great boost towards your home value.
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A Smart Home is always the BEST

  • Living in this digital age of immense technological advancements one tends toward gadgets to make life easier and simpler. So consider making your home smarter with devices like thermostats, fire detectors, and door locks (with updated designs and functionalities, if available.) The latest addition to these sets of gadgets would be AI-controlled devices like speakers and refrigerators.

A tech-savvy person would always prefer such houses to others.

  • Plus smart homes are very helpful when you have kids at home since they prevent most of the accidents.         
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The Bigger the Home, the more valuable it is

  • What increases home value the most? If your home can be made bigger than its original size it might give the buyer a sense of satisfaction in buying a bigger house at an affordable price, which ultimately increases the value of your home anyway.
  • Square per footage is an important factor. The more square per footage is, the more the value of your house. Increasing the number of bedrooms or the size of the kitchen is always welcome since one would prefer the number of rooms that they require, but not less.
  • You can focus on building your basement into a proper usable room, the attic into a proper place for your kid or it might as well act as a storeroom.
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Landscaping is the Real Beauty

  • The easiest most affordable way to beautify and decorate your house and the front and back yards(if available) is by planting varieties of different types of trees. This is the best home renovation to increase value.
  • You can find various in the market like young shrubs which will grow with time and cool your surrounding.
  • Also, investing in native trees decreases energy costs to a great extent. Prefer colorful flowers available throughout the year over the annual ones because a consistently good look only adds to the increase in the value of the house. But keep in mind keep yourself away from IRS audit.
  • Maintaining a nicely trimmed lawn is always a treat for the eye as well as for you and your pet to take a stroll on.
  • It is eco-friendly to grow plants other than its contribution to the decoration of your place.

Thereby professional landscaping is advised.

does a pool increase your home value

Keep a well-maintained garage

  • A house without a garage is not what U.S. households are looking for. With at least one car in every household, a garage is the single most essential item in the buyer’s list of requirements in a new house.
  • Sometimes your garage can also act like a storeroom for various items like cricket and badminton gear, the bicycles of the teenager, or the favorite car of the father.
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Noise reduction

  • Noise reduction is another criterion many people prioritize. A noisy neighborhood (for houses near or on a street) can cause much irritation and disturbance to anybody. So try installing insulation, and double-paned windows.
  • Using carpets and rugs help reduce footsteps inside the house.

The above are the do’s to increase your home value, true. But there are also some don’ts to follow so as to avoid useless expenses. For instance, painting your house might make your walls look fresh but that doesn’t help in increasing your property’s worth because color choices vary with people. So if you’re really looking for a buyer, there’s no need to re-paint it to sell it better.

Many surveys have also revealed that having an attached swimming pool might make it appear luxurious and adds to the scenic beauty of the house, but in reality, few people would like to maintain a swimming pool for personal use. The extra burden of the pool and its safety issues are a strict no for most.

Solar panels are environment-friendly and are growing in popularity lately. If your residence is permanent with no intentions of selling it, go ahead and install one because it is a valuable energy source. But if you’re up for selling it then there’s no point in adding it to the property since if you had bought the panel originally, you cannot sell the property without paying off the balance amount, which is not disclosed often.