Routing number, also known as transit number helps in finding out the location where a customer has opened his account in a particular bank.

In this blog post we are providing the People’s United Routing Number

Whenever you will do an online transaction, you will be asking to check for your routing number in order to success your transaction. To know the routing number of your bank just refers to the starting set of numbers printed at the bottom of your cheque book.


We have compiled the Frequently asked question about the Banks to help you solve your doubts.

Ques: Does bank charge for online banking?

Ans. No. the bank provides free service of online banking and other bill payments to its customers.

Ques: How much time is taken to create an online banking profile?

Ans. It hardly requires 5-10 minutes to make an online banking profile. All you need is your account number and the end balance in your account from last banking statement.

Ques: How to log into online banking?

Ans: Visit the website Peoples Bank. Enter your username and password and tap on ‘continue’. Then another page will appear on your screen where you will be asked to enter your password.

Ques: What if my mobile phone is lost?

Ans: It is mandatory to enroll the new gadget and exit your old device. Login into the online banking with a new device or you can visit the nearest Mobile banking center.

Ques: What is the procedure to change the mobile number?

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Ans:  It is very easy, you just need to update the mobile number, and it is done by “Change Device Info” under the setting on online banking.

Ques: Is it possible to deposit a non-endorsed check?

Ans: It is mandatory to endorse all the cheque leaf with signature. It is mandatory to list it as “for deposit only.”

Customer Service Numbers

  • Contact at 1-800-772-1090 for any assistance or transaction queries.
  • To know about people’s united bank credit card application, call on 1-877-525-9248.
  • Track your status of personal loan application on 1-800-525-1006.

Service Hours

The bank is open to attend its customers from 7:00 A.M to 11:00 P.M from Monday to Friday.

Assistance and transaction queries 1-800-772-1090
Credit Card Application1-877-525-9248
Personal Loan Application1-800-525-1006
Service Hours7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday-Friday
Peoples United Bank Routing Number

People’s United Bank Routing Number

The routing number is 221172186. It is a nine-digit number which is located at the bottom of your check. Right to it is the bank account number.

Routing Number



Below is the map for helping you in finding the nearest location to you. You can use the map easily without any problems or you can use the Branch Finder to locate the branch.

Credit Cards

The bank offers all type of credit cards which is fully loaded with exciting features and ensures complete safety. Each card is embedded with an EMV microchip to provide added security and the 24/7 system ensures your account is safe. The credit card provides best reward points to the customers which can be redeemed easily.

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Final words

The People’s United Bank provides all type of banking services to both individuals and business. It is a trustworthy bank which works on the motto of providing excellent customer service.

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