Are you Searching for Regions Bank Swift Code? It is a combination of unique letters which is used as an important code to recognize the branch of banks during the financial transaction.

The code is also known as bank identifier codes. This code is mandatory during the bank’s international finance transaction. Almost all the codes consist of unique 8 or 11 digitals in a common format.

You can get the Swift code after understanding about it through this blog post or you can directly Copy it to your clipboard.

Regions Bank Swift Code


Q What is the method to enroll in mobile banking, How can I access all my banking details via my mobile phone?

Ans There is no such enrolment procedure in order to get started with mobile banking. You can simply visit the mobile banking site from your browser i..e  to carry the transaction. Moreover, the bank has come up with their own app, download the region bank app and for iOS and Android to get started.  Mention the unique user ID and password to log in.

Q How to know about the terms and conditions of online banking. Is it the same for mobile banking also?

Ans The legal conditions of online and mobile banking are decided by the law, we believe in following the same terms mentioned under Agreement and Disclosure Statement for all the banking services.

Q Is there any additional charges in order to access the Bank’s mobile application.

Ans There are no additional or hidden charges to download its mobile application, it is absolutely free to download and get started.

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Q Where do I find my account number?

Ans The account number is available on the confirmation page when you undergo the account opening process. Log in with your user ID and password, tap on View More Details option and click on Show Account Number.

Q How soon I can receive the ATM cards and checkbook after ordering online?

Ans The ordered ATM card and checkbook will be mailed to your registered address within a week or maximum 12 business days.

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Below we have attached the google map for your convenience so that you could easily find the nearest location of the bank to your location or alternatively, you can also use the locator provided 

Regions Bank Swift Code

Swift Code


The SWIFT code used is UPNBUS44 it is mandatory to give the RTN i.e. 062005690 along with complete bank address and account number to begin the online international transaction.

Customer Service Number

The banking team can be reached via call . Give a call at  1-800-734-4667 to reach out the customer service center. The team of online baking can be reached on 1-800-472-2265. In order to report a fraud call at 1-800-734-4667. The international customer can call the customer team at 1-800-458-5890.

Service Hours

The team can be reached via call 24*7 round the year.

Online and banking technical support 1-800-295-8472
General Questions 1-800-472-2265


When you are planning to invest in a new home or opting for refinancing, this bank helps with the right financial suggestions. We have a separate team to assist all the customers during refinancing a home and buying a new one.

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It is one stop solution for all your banking needs, the customer can expect a perfect banking solution every time.

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