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Routing Number

Routing Number, the 9 Digit Code for online transactions of different types. If you want to know your bank’s or receiver’s bank RTN then checkout this post.

We all face such situations in our life where we know what to do but we don’t know how to do it and funny enough all these situations are related to banks in some or other way. Maybe because of their unorganized system and structure, the common person is unable to understand their terms and sometimes gives up the

So through this blog, we have tried to bridge this gap by providing all the information you would need for your bank for carrying out basic but essential things. At, you will know where to find the swift code, routing number, credit card, customer service numbers, locations, service hours of any bank you need.

So in this category we are basically focusing on the Bank ABA Routing Number | RTN | Routing Number.

If you are looking for the number which is needed to transfer money domestically within the USA then you have landed on the right page.
If you need to know every single aspect of this 9 Digit number for your knowledge then go through this post till .

Different Bank’s Routing Number

Below are the routing numbers of different banks across United States, Click on the Bank you want to know the routing number for

Arvest bank Routing Number

BB&T Bank Routing Number

BMO Harris Bank Routing Number

Capital One Routing Number

Citibank Routing Number

Compass bank Routing Number

HSBC Bank Routing Number

M&T Bank Routing Number

Regions Bank Routing Number

TCF National bank Routing Number

Woodforest national Bank Routing Number

KeyBank Routing Number


What is the best way to find the routing number?

The routing number is a unique 9 numbered code which is printed on each check leaf. It is available at the lower left corner next to your bank account number. You can get it from there, else you can also reach to your bank and ask for the routing number to carry wired transaction anywhere in the world.

Is the ABA number same as the bank routing number?

The routing number is also called the ABA routing number. It is a digital identification code which is made of 9 number. It is assigned to all the financial institutions by the American Bankers Association to all the bank and financial institution hence it is called as ABA routing number. These are also called as the check routing number to carry the transaction worldwide.

How to know which bank routing number to use?

The routing number totally depends on the transaction type which you want to carry. It can be electronic transaction to send or receive payment from other financial institution. Where as the wire transfer is used to receive the domestic or international transfer.  You can reach out the branch to inquire about the type of transaction and routing number

Which number to use in case of more than 1 routing number for my state?

There is more than 1 routing number for many states like Florida, Texas, Missouri etc. If you are not sure about the number, you can log in to your online banking account and reach the Information and services tab to get the right routing number.


There are many cases when a routing number is needed, you can be asked for it when making payment via smartphone or online. It also helps to make online bill payments and carry other international transaction. If you are looking forward to carrying online transfer, it is mandatory to provide a routing number along with bank account number.

If you are looking to transfer money internationally, you have to provide right routing number, the bank will be able to tell you which routing number to use in order to successfully complete the bank transaction. The routing number printed on the check can be different for performing a wire transfer. It is best to reach your bank to get the right routing number to carry the wire transfer.


Here are some common examples of a routing number

  • 011075150
  • 123002011
  • 125000574
  • 211672531

A bank routing number is a unique digital code which is helpful to carry several transactions like processing of the checks, initiate wired international transaction, handing the collections, paying the bill etc.

You can definitely check out more information on the Wikipedia Page.

Final Words

The routing number is specific for different financial institutions since it is used to denote the bank location. It is mandatory to use the right routing number to carry the wired transfer.