Save Money while traveling

Traveling has a mixed reaction from people i.e. some people love it while some hate it.

Some people don’t like the boredom part of traveling while some don’t like the tiredness and some don’t like it because it takes a blow on their monthly budget as they tend to overspend whenever they are traveling alone or with their family.

We are sorry but we cannot do anything about the boredom and the tiredness part of it but we can definitely help you with the overspending part of your Vacation.

So in this blog post, We are going to tell you how you can save money on travel whether it is a vacation or a simple traveling journey.

Also if you are an entrepreneur and hence loves to save some money then you should check out the most overlooked tax deductions by entrepreneurs.

So Let’s start and the first thing you can do to save money is 

Preplan Your Expenses

It’s always good to preplan the expenses of your travel and you should not only factor in the big expenses like the transportation cost, Eating cost and Accommodation cost.

but you should also factor in small expenses like soveigner shopping, emergency expenses or buying water, etc.

And it is important for you to make a budget for your trip and stick to it religiously to the end because then only you won’t have to regret your journey after returning home.

Use to plan for your expenses.

Note: Remember to factor in the small unnoticed expenses

Control the Temptations

When we travel, as humans we tend to overspend due to our compulsions as we cannot resist that coffee or that donut when we are tired and hungry, and also when our pocket is full of money we are less worried about the expenses but this thing hurts later down the journey.

So the best solution for this would be to have something to eat from home only or you can rely on the airlines for the coffee or snacks.

Be Patient

If you want to save money on travel then you need to be patient with yourself and look at the things you are really buying and do you really need it down the journey.

Like that hat you bought but you don’t want it after that sunny day. So you should avoid that kind of expense and spend only on legitimate things.

Look for Deals

We know that finding the best offer is hard and seems like a waste of time at that time but it is totally worth the effort almost every time. There are a bunch of websites that offer deals in restaurants, trips, etc. around the world.

You just have to devote the time to research. Use websites like Groupon, for finding the best deals with the places you visit and in order to find the best travel deals you can refer to this article.

Also, Refer to country-specific websites for offers and deals.

Audit Your Spending

There are a number of expense tracker apps you can use to track your spending and optimize it the next time you go on travel.

TIP #1

If it looks like you are spending a lot on eating outside then you know you need to take some extra food for yourselves from home the next time you travel.

Have a Checklist

It doesn’t matter how much you plan for your trip in your head, Being a human always limits you because at any point in time there are a million things going on in your head and having one extra item in your head makes it more difficult only.

Having a checklist of the things you need to do before going out like using those Vegetables in the refrigerator or throwing out that trash before going on a trip and also it helps you in taking care of the trip essentials or some random thing you want to take on your trip this time.

So that you can cut the last minute hassle and be as calm as possible.

You can use tools like to make a checklist by just answering a few questions about you and your trip.

Think Double Before Buying Soveigner

Don’t just blindly buy anything for a soveigner, if you are tight in the budget don’t even buy one.

but if you really want to buy something as a soveigner, you should buy something cheap which is only available in that area as something made of completely wood, grass, etc.

Note: Beware of local shop owners as they tend to charge foreigners more, the best way is to ask two or three shops before buying anything or look other people’s prices of products which shop owner is telling around you in the same shop.

Also, the fraud does not happen just offline, but a lot of it happens online as well and when you are in a different country you should be aware of online frauds and scams.

Avoid Fees

Fees accumulated in your credit card for buying meals or booking hotels can also be an unnecessary expense in the first place.

Try to use the cards with no foreign transaction fees. There are a lot of banks who provide such cards like 

Check out this article for finding the best accounts and cards with no international atm fees.

Also, beware of scamming incidents related to credit cards when traveling.

Don’t Pay for the Hype

It’s pretty obvious that if you will buy the food from directly the tourist destination spot it will be a heck of a price, so you should consider going a few blocks away to buy food as it is going to be at an average price or you can ask the locals where you can get cheap food.

Choose Laundry over New clothes

If you are going on a long trip with lots of clothes then it is best to lower the amount of clothes and choose a place where you can easily have laundry facilities i.e. like the Airbnb or the hotels as it can save a lot on the extra luggage cost at the airports and you can wash the clothes and wear them again and again.

Don’t Buy Your Essentials 

It always seems nice to say that I will buy it over there whether it is a sunscreen or a hat or whatever you need for your vacations but you should check and pack your essentials from your home only as these little expenses can add up a lot later on and generally these things are a lot expensive on the tourist destination than your local departmental store.

“Score a cheap airline lounge pass online and cash in on the free snacks”

If I don’t have a VIP lounge club membership or credit card that offers me lounge access, I buy a pass on eBay—sometimes I can find them for as little as $1. These passes come in handy when I have a long layover and need something to eat or drink; whereas airport snacks and drinks are usually overpriced, snacks and drinks at the lounge are usually free.” —Mona Molayem, 28, a travel blogger who takes five international trips a year

According to

Buy Ready Made Food

If you are traveling with family and Kids then eating can be a lot of expense as you have to eat three times a day outside.

So you should eat at least one meal in your hotel room, usually, it can be an instant meal like noodles or hummus and the ideal time for this can be the night when you are tired and wants the food in your room only.

You can head over to the local grocery store and get some instant food.

Included Breakfast

Try to book hotels which have breakfast included as it can save a lot more money and it is just easier to get breakfast at the same place .

Get a European Card

Europe has this amazing thing where you can easily get a city card and you can have access to free public transport and even some of the tourist attractions for free.

Just like Europe, many countries have such passes for tourists and it can help you very much in saving money, time and energy as you don’t have to negotiate every time and count every penny you want to get to a new place in the city.

To know more about travel passes click on this link 

 You can create a checking account for all the budget for traveling and transfer the rest into your savings account so you know when you are overspending and need to tighten the budget

Booking Uber over taxis

Taxi drivers from different countries charge more to foreigners and that’s why using a uber or any other alternative can be very useful to tourist or you can take a bus if you are aware of the routes.

Luckily every country has their version of Uber which you can choose over local taxis

  • Lyft: Popular in the U.S.
  • Uber: Popular in the U.S., but available in other countries like Thailand, India
  • Grab: Ridesharing site for Southeast Asia
  • BlaBlaCar: Popular in Europe, but also available in other countries like Brazil
  • Ridely: Carpool site in India
  • Noritomosan: Carpool site in Japan
  • Ola: Popular in India

Try to travel in a Group

Traveling in a group is amazing as you are able to split the money on traveling, food, accommodation, etc and having a company of friends is always amazing.

Stay with Locals

Staying with locals can help you save a lot of money as they are not that expensive and also other things like food and laundry can also be done for cheap by them.

Use sites like Couchsurfing, Bewelcome, Global Freeloaders, Warm showers to stay with locals.

Look for offers on Flying

You can use websites like Secret Flying or flight deal to get amazing offers from airlines.

Check out this article on how to get Offers on flights 

Utilize Facebook groups

Facebook has a large number of travel groups where they share free tips and tricks for traveling abroad and also people share coupon codes you can leverage in your trip.

Travel groups

Finding Travel Groups

How to find travel groups in facebook

Get Travel Insurance

Getting travel insurance is best. If you are a frequent traveler then you should consider getting travel insurance for yourself. You should read about Travel insurance here.

Try & Stay In One Place For Longer Than A Week

There are many places of tourist destinations where you can rent a complete apartment for cheap than getting it for just 2-3 days.

According to a website Slow travel is much better for the environment and the local community, as it is less destructive. Take your time and enjoy the adventure!

Final Words

We hope that we were able to give you some of the ways you can use right now to save money on travel when you go on your trip next time.

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