A routing number is a unique 9 digits number. It is helpful in identifying the bank account branch during a financial transaction. When you carry a wire transfer, you must submit your routing number along with the bank account number.

If you are looking for Suntrust Bank Routing Number then you have landed on the right blog post here we will cover almost every aspect of the Suntrust bank.

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Ques: What is the procedure to set up a mobile alert?

Ans:  mobile alerts are mandatory to get information regarding the transaction, account balance etc. In this technosavvy world, it is a great idea to connect your bank account with your register mobile number to get alerts. The mobile alerts include information about daily balance, low balance, statement delivery, transaction alerts etc.

In order to set up a mobile alert, you need to sign into the mobile banking and choose the option My settings. Add the mobile number and verify it. You can set the alerts based on your preference and then click on Save button.

Ques: What to do in case I forget my password?

Ans: You can easily reset the password by clicking on forgot user ID/password. Once you change the password you will be alerted with a message about the password change.

Ques: What is the meaning of one-time-passcode?

The one-time passcode helps to provide additional security to the online transaction. If any suspicious activity is detected on your account you will be alerted via a message containing the unique passcode. You can get the passcode via email or mobile number. This will help you to securely access the bank account.

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You can easily locate the Nearest bank to you with the help of this lpcator we hav eprovided . All you have to do is just click on the Map and you will be able to see all the Banks near to you.

Customer Service Numbers

The team of Suntrust bank can be reached via call at 00 1 80078872835. The customer care team provide you with the best possible banking solutions to solve your issues and queries as earliest as possible.

Service hours

Banking needs can occur anytime, this is well understood by the team of Suntrust, hence they provide 24 hours automated telephone baking facilities to all their esteemed customer. You just need to give them a call.

Online and banking technical support 800.786.8787 (800.SUNTRUST)
Service Hours 24 Hours Automated calls

Suntrust Bank Routing Number

Suntrust Bank Routing Number

you can make use of the Suntrust Bank Routing number to carry all the wired transfer. Use 061000104 to initial fund transfer across the USA. You can also find the routing number at the left corner of your bank check leaf.

Routing Number


You can also find the Suntrust Bank Swift Code


Suntrust bank offers multiple mortgage options to the customers.

1. The fixed rate mortgage is for the budgeted people as it comes with predictable monthly payments.

2. In case of adjustable rate mortgage the interest rates are less, the cash is more on hand every month.

3. If you are looking for lower mortgage insurance costs, opt for the agency affordable finance options.

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4. Finance for your dream home with Agency Plus Financing.

5. If you have limited money you can opt for Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Loans.

6. Jumbo financing is a great option to access large loan amount with best interest rates.

Note: You can find the routing number printed on the check leaf’s lower corner, else reach to the customer care team of the bank to get the accurate routing number.

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