A SWIFT code is a unique identification number which is very helpful in identifying the branch of a bank and is crucial to carry all international transactions. SWIFT code is a unique code which is made with a combination of many letters and is a crucial part to accompany international wire transfer.

It is also known as BIC which means the Bank Identifier Codes. The 8 or 11 digital code is helpful in carrying the bank transfer and is must for all the international transaction.

Here We Will Provide you the Suntrust Bank Swift Code with a copy button beside it for your convenience.

SunTrust Bank Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: What is the SunTrust Mobile Application and how it is beneficial to the customers?
Ans: Once the user downloads the SunTrust mobile application, it provides end to end banking solution to the customers via smartphone. You just need to download and you can get complete information about savings, cheque, credit cards, debit cards, investments etc all at one place.  You can simply pay your bill with just a few taps on the app.

Ques: Where to get complete bank account number and the routing number?
Ans The complete account number is printed at the bottom of every cheque and you can also get it online via online banking or mobile banking.

Ques: What is the procedure to check the address and registered mobile number?
Ans: If you are making use of an online bank, you can directly update it on the profile section else you can give a call to the customer service center at 800-786-8787.

Ques: What is the procedure to get the statement copies?
It can be done if you are an online banking customer. Else you can call us at 1-800-786-8787 for the statement copies. Our team will mail you the same at the earliest.

SunTrust Bank SWIFT Code

In order to receive the international money in your SunTrust Bank account, it is must to have SWIFT code along with routing transit number and complete bank address. Also, you need to mention the beneficiary account number and the beneficiary name.

Swift Code/BIC
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Suntrust Bank Customer Service Numbers And Service Hours

Below are the most commonly used Customer Service Numbers and Service Hours of the bank. You can call any of them to solve your query regarding any generic issue but if you want the solution of a specific query you can visit the bank’s website.

Suntrust Bank Locations

Below is the Map of the nearest bank to your location you can easily refer to it and get the nearest bank location to you.

SunTrust Bank Student Loan

If you are planning to opt for the student loan, SunTrust bank can help you to fill the gap via SunTrust private student loan. Both undergraduates and graduates are eligible to apply for it.

SunTrust Bank Student Loan Phone Number

The students can give a call to the customer support team as per the loan criteria. Here is the detailed list

  • Call at 866-232-3889 to discuss regarding Custom Choice Loan
  • In order to discuss Graduate Business School Loan, you can call at 866-232-3889.
  • For Union Federal Private Student Loan and AAA Advantage Student Loan call at 866-513-8445 and 800-513-1464.

A domestic wire transfer to the SunTrust bank can be done without the SWIFT code. But, in order carry international money transfer you must have a SWIFT code.

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