The RTN is popularly called as bank routing number. It is a unique code which consists of the number and helps to identify the financial institution. It is must to carry the wire transfer.

Moreover, in some cases, many banks and financial institutions can make use of more than one routing number to redirect the banking transaction. Hence, it is very curial to make use of the right banking routing number for a successful bank transaction.

You can get the Synovus Bank Routing number from here or you can have a deep insight regarding the different terminologies of banking.

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Synovus Bank FAQ

Ques: I am not aware of my banking Id, password or any of the security question, how do I get access to my account?

Ans: You can reach at the customer care number and they will help you to retrieve and reset the necessary credentials.

Ques: What are the benefits of using mobile banking?

Ans: Mobile banking is perfect for all type of banking transactions. You can add deposits, pay bills, transfer money and also check the account balance. In addition to it, mobile banking is very helpful to locate the ATMs across the globe.

Ques: Is there any special software which should be installed to use the Bank’s online account.

Ans: You just need to have a functional computer or laptop and steady internet connection to get started. The online banking link works in all prominent web browsers like Firefox, Chrome. Safari etc.

Ques: What is the procedure to add new accounts?

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Ans: Once you have created a new account, it will automatically appear on the online banking account. You will be able to see once you log in, the case is the same for mobile banking too.

Ques: What is the meaning of getting paperless bank statement?

Ans: A paperless bank statement refers to the electronic version of account which replaces regular paper bank statement. You will receive the bank statement on your registered mobile number.


Below is the Google map for you so that you can easily find the nearest location of the bank to you and if you would like to use the locator of the bank you can easily do that too.

Synovus Bank Routing Number

Synovus Bank Routing Number

Below is the Bank’s number along with the copy button with it so that you don’t have to worry about mistyping errors.

Routing Number


Customer Service Numbers

The customer service team of the bank is available at 1-888-796-6887. They provide complete support and assistance when it comes to banking queries. You can get in touch with their executive from your registered mobile number or another number too.

Service Hours

Customer Service Centre1-888-796-6887
Service Hours7 a.m. to 11 p.m. ET

Synovus Connections

The Connections prepaid card is the safest way to manage money anywhere and anytime. The user receives text, email alerts, monthly statement.

Business Banking

Business banking provided all sort of support and assistance to your business needs. It offers secured, convenient and customized dashboard as per your business requirements.

You can get the routing number online or it is available on the cheque leaf’s right lower corner. In order to get it online, you need to tap on the online statements link of your account. Once you click on the print statements link you can get access to the routing number on the information and service tab.

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