The Bank Routing Number is a unique identification number which is of 8-11 digits. These unique number is used to identify the bank or the financial institute during a wireless transaction.

Here you will easily get the TCF national Bank Routing Number With just one click . Just Keep reading on to find out more information.

It is important to use the right routing number for successful money transfer. Usually, you will find the routing number mentioned on the checkbook. The unique digit routing number is available at the bottom. certain financial institution follows different routing number to differentiate between the electronic as well as paper traction.

You can get the number Here directly if you want to miss out the information on banks


Ques: What is the procedure to order a new checkbook?

Ans: You can place an order online by login into the online account and tap on the accounts option. Click on the account name and choose order checks. You can also reach the customer support team or nearest branch office.

Ques: What to do in case of the lost card?

Ans: If you find your card to be missing or stolen, call immediately at  1-800-823-2265  we will block the old card and issue a new one.

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Ques: What is the everyday withdrawal limit at nearest TCF ATM?

Ans: The everyday withdrawal limit varies based on the account type. Go through the terms and condition section to know about the withdrawal limit.

Ques: What is the procedure to make use of chip-enabled card?

Ans: Insert the card in such a way that the chip end comes first into the terminal. Make sure the card is inserted into the terminal during the entire transaction. Enter the PIN details if needed and make sure to remove the card after completion of the transaction.


Below we have listed the Nearest locations of the bank to your location all you have to do is just click on the map which will redirect you to the google maps homepage.

TCF National Bank Routing Number

If you are planning for a direct deposit or wire transfer, it is important to have a bank routing number.

TCF National Bank Routing Number

TCF Bank routing number is different for the different state

Routing Number | Arizona


Routing number | Colorado


Routing number | Illinois


Routing number | Indiana


Routing number | Michigan


Routing number | Minnesota


Routing number | South Dakota


Routing number | Wisconsin


Customer Service Numbers

The customer service of TCF bank can be reached at 612-823-5363, 612-823-2265, 866-835-5044 for banking related query.

Service Hours

The team works from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm. The working hour for Saturday is 4 hours. The customer service team can be reached on call 24*7 every day.  You can call for all sort of banking related queries.

Customer Service Centre612-823-5363
Service HoursMonday – Friday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Saturday 4 Hours

Home Equity Loan

The enthusiastic team of TCF home equity loan will help you with the right solution to your home loan needs. It includes explaining the competitive interest rates, tax deduction, EMI, and other changes.

TCF National Bank has its headquarters located at Minnesota. The bank is a trusted name when it comes to getting one stop banking solution. The team is helpful in providing the right banking solution for education loan, home loan and other banking-related details.  

Final Words

We hope we were able to make your transaction a bit easier by providing you the number and the nearest locations to you.

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