Cybersecurity for Companies

Whether it is an employee of a company or the CEO, both are vulnerable to the hacker’s attacks or commonly known as CyberAttacks and can leak personal data which can harm your company in unimaginable ways.

and for maintaining your lovable company intact you need to make sure that the CEO and the employees are on the same page when it comes to Cybersecurity and both follow the strictest measure possible to safeguard the company because we don’t need to prove the harmful effects one cyber attack can do to the companies.

See the examples here.

So here in this blog post, we have listed various measures you can take as a business owner to make sure you are above the average when it comes to your company security and your company does not suffer because of your ignorance.

So, the first step is

No Same Passwords

Don’t allow anyone to use a single password for all software or application which is used for company purposes or on companies’ network.

Instead, they should use very complex passwords like this one

add a strong passwords image

Strong passwords

To remember these passwords we can use Password managers so that they don’t have to go through the hassle of remembering all those strange and difficult passwords.

Be Updated every time

The second thing is you can assign a person’s duty to update all the software in every PC periodically so that you are not vulnerable to the software exploits.

No Free Softwares

You should have strict measures around downloading cracked software on the company’s network because there are many viruses that can spread over networks and can affect many computers at once and damage the complete network as well.

Have a Documented Process

Note down the process for Cybersecurity measures so that it can be easily handled to the new employees and the cybersecurity law can be maintained in the company.

The process should look like this in which you define which AntiVirus to use and which AntiMalware software to use and also what to do if a breach occurs and what to do if you feel like someone is exploiting your PC or handling it remotely.

Invest In Cyber Security Insurance

Invest money in cybersecurity insurances just like any other insurance because just like accidental, theft, etc. cybercrime can also give you real damage and in worst cases can lead to shutting down of your business.

There are multiple cybercrime insurance available in the market and just like any other insurance there are pros and cons attached to it and hence you can compare the pros and cons here and decide what kind of insurance you would like to safeguard your Company from Cyberattacks.

Practical Steps for You

Some practical things you can do right now to ensure the safety in your organization are as follows:

  • Ensure backup of every important file and make physical copies of important file and store them in a safe place
  • Use a firewall on your network to make it difficult to penetrate your network fro outside and we would also recommend setting up an internal firewall for extra sensitive files.
  • Ensure multifactor authentication – Nowadays two-factor authentication are the trend in the market in which after you enter your password you have to enter an OTP as well received on your mobile number to get access, but the thing you don’t know is there is three-factor authentication as well which gives you the extra care.
  • Change your wifi passwords periodically .i.e every month and enter a strong password so that people cannot easily penetrate into it.
  • Don’t use any public wifi for transferring any sensitive file in conferences or meetings as it can be a setup for you and every information on your phone can reach the person on another side within minutes even your credit card number and other personal stuff.


We hope we’re able to give you some actionable tips to safeguard your company and if you have some extra tips mention them below in the comments we will mention them in the updated version of a blog post.

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