The word Swift Code is also called as Bank Identifier Codes or the BIC. It is a standard format which works as a unique identification code which is recognized by all the financial institutions and banks across the globe.

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There are some countries which need the IBAN number to carry the international transaction but all the bank account in the United States of America don’t have any IBAN number. It is important to submit the ABA Routing Number and complete bank account number. Make sure you also submit the Wells Fargo Bank Swift Code, to begin with, the international money transfer

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Each bank has a unique SWIFT code and is used for all the international wire transfer. Each SWIFT code is of 8 or 11 characters and it is available in the below-mentioned format.


  1. The initial 4 characters and only letters and it denotes the bank code.
  2. The next 2 characters are the country code which should be only letters.
  3. Another 3 characters of the SWIFT code consists of letters and digits which represent the location code.
  4. The final 3 characters denote the branch code and it is majorly kept as optional.

Well Fargo FAQ

Ques 1: What are the best practices for creating a right password?

Ans: Make sure the password which you are creating is unique and it should contain both upper as well as lower case words in it. Also includes numbers and special character to make it unique and difficult to crack.

Avoid using the email ID and username as password. Also never mention personal information as a password.

Ques 2: What is the method to purchase a money order?

Ans:  The regular customer can get the money order which is valued more than $1,000 at any nearby Wells Fargo location.

Ques 3: What is the procedure to generate a new debit card PIN?

Ans: If you have recently created a bank account and asked for a debit card, you will receive the personal identification number on your registered mail ID. If you haven’t received any PIN number in a 5-7 business day, you can check at your nearest Wells Fargo bank branch.

Ques 4: What is the method to change the automatic withdrawal or payment of the money?

Ans: If you have provided authorization to the company to change your account and you want to cancel the authorization of the merchant to debit the account, here are the things which you must do

  1. It is important to contact the merchant or the company in writing. Make sure you revoke the authorization and also keep a copy of the notice.
  2. You can also opt for stop payment on the transaction by contacting the Bank number 1-800-869-3557 or visiting the nearest branch.

Ques 5: What is the procedure to order foreign currency online?

Ans: You can get the foreign currency online by giving a call to the toll-free number  1-800-626-9430. You can also visit the official Foreign Exchange page and click on the Order Now option.

Well Fargo Locations

You can find the nearest Bank Branch by using this Locator by Wells fargo bank or you can refer the maps to find the nearest location to you.

Customer Service

The team of Well Fargo bank staff are just a call away, you can reach them on 000 800 0016 090. The headquarters is located in the USA but the bank has many branches across the globe.

Service Hours

The team of dedicated staffs is always happy to help you and assist you with all your queries. Below are the most commonly used numbers which will generally solve your all queries but if you have a specific query you can address it by Clicking this link

Wells fargo most commonly used Customer Service Numbers

Wells Fargo Swift Code

This SWIFT code allows you to receive the money from any part across the globe. In addition to it, you need the below mentioned details to receive the money

  1. SWIFT Code
  2. Bank address along with the city and state.
  3. Correct beneficiary account number
  4. Full name of the beneficiary
Swift Code/BIC
XXX stands for Branch Code

Bank Name                                                  Wells Fargo
Address Bank                                               1 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA, 94104, USA

Business Line Requirements

If you are looking forward to being a part of the credit line, every new customer gets $0 annual fee for the initial year. The individuals will be provided with a credit line of $5,000 to $ 100,000. The rates are also very affordable and they don’t need any collateral.

The Wells Fargo Business Lines of Credit is perfect for individuals who are looking forward to expanding their business and use it as a supplementary cash option to cover the unexpected expenses.

Business Lines of Credit comes with below-mentioned benefits

  1. Master card access card
  2. Easy to use
  3.  Can be accessed via phone or website
  4. Zero foreign transaction fee

You can check out more information by directly clicking on this Link to go their official website and have the complete information.

Wells Fargo Mortgage Documents

If you are getting in touch with the home preservation specialist you will get a package which consists of forms and documents, to begin with, the process. Make sure to follow the instructions well and avoid leaving anything blank. Make sure to submit 2 recent financial statement, detailed employment income. If you are self-employed do mention that.

Mortgage assistance document consists of below-mentioned forms, it is must to submit the complete form. If you don’t fit you can mention NA.

Mortgage Assistance Application

This form consists of all the information regarding your property, finances and other details.

Hardship Affidavit

This form is only needed when you have been the co-borrower which is needed to submit this form.

Third-Party Authorization

This is essential to share the authorization of Wells Fargo with the concern 3rd party.

Wire transfer is the quickest way to transfer the money across the globe. The transaction gets initiated by the sender via any recognized financial institution. It is important to provide the details with your bank for successfully transferring on the money.

The SWIFT code of Wells Fargo bank is only needed to carry the international money wire transfer. If you are interested in a domestic transaction, you don’t need SWIFT code. Sending and receiving the money internationally always involves additional fees.

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