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What is Excess Liability Insurance?

Most people want to know, “What is Excess Liability Insurance? It is insurance that covers claims that exceed the limits of the primary policy. 

Furthermore, an excess liability policy kicks in if a primary policy reaches its per-claim or add coverage limit. An umbrella excess liability insurance policy provides coverage for many primary policies.

What Is Excess Insurance Coverage?

What is Excess Liability Insurance?

The policy provides more coverage than a business’s primary liability policy. When the business exceeds its policy limits, it kicks in. 

A general liability policy with a $1 million limit would not cover a lawsuit for $1.5 million. But, an excess liability policy would cover the $500,000 that isn’t covered.

Do I Need Excess Liability Insurance?

Its coverage is a good idea if:

  • Many customer traffic is a liability risk (for example, if employees travel a lot for work).
  • A rented warehouse or a product that could hurt customers increase your liability risks
  • Your primary policy does not cover all the clients you work with

Firms buy this type of policy to extend standard liability policies. Consider those policies that cover specific risks like cyber security and liquor liability.

As well as pollution policies, uncertain materials carriers may carry expert excess liability policies.

Excess Liability Insurance vs. Umbrella Insurance

Excess Liability vs Umbrella Liability

An umbrella policy extends primary coverage to many basic policies at once. A commercial umbrella policy covers extra general liability, workers’ payment, and employee benefits.

Moreover. Its policy only extends one primary policy at a time. An umbrella policy only covers many basic insurances when clearly designed to do so.

The business policy covers any risks your business may face. The peace of mind from knowing your company is well-protected is worth the money.


Businesses and individuals alike need an excess liability policy. Besides primary insurance policies, it provides an extra layer of protection, helping to safeguard assets and financial stability.

A liability policy covers bodily injury, property damage, and professional mistakes. It can reduce the risk of major financial losses. 

More so, these types of policies are vital for high-net-worth individuals and businesses in litigious industries. The policies act as safety nets in an increasingly litigious society. 

A professional or broker can help you assess your needs.


How does Excess Liability Insurance work?

A policy covers your primary policy limits. For example, a claim of $1 million is filed against you, and your homeowner’s insurance limits you to $500,000 in liability. A primary policy will cover the first $500,000, and an excess liability policy will cover the rest up to the policy’s limit. 

What does Excess Liability Insurance cover?

It type of policy covers liability claims over and above your primary coverage. In most cases, it includes bodily injury, property damage, and legal defense. To know the extent of your coverage, review the terms and conditions of your policy or consult with a policy expert.

Who needs Excess Liability Insurance?

For businesses or individuals with higher liability risks, it offers extra protection beyond primary insurance limits. Liability policies help high-net-worth individuals, business owners, landlords, and experts.

What are the benefits of Excess Liability Insurance?

The key benefits of its policy include:

  • Extra liability coverage: 

It provides enhanced coverage beyond your primary policies, providing excellent liability coverage.

  • Broad coverage: 

A policy covers bodily injury, property damage, and legal defense costs.

  • Cost-effective: 

Purchasing liability coverage policies is more cost-effective than raising the limits on multiple primary insurance policies.

  • Peace of mind: 

In the event of a large liability claim, having excess coverage can give you peace of mind.

How much Excess Liability Insurance coverage do I need?

You need this policy coverage depending on your risk exposure, assets value, and potential liability. Consult a policy expert to determine the right coverage limit for your situation.

Is Excess Liability Insurance the same as an umbrella policy?

Excess liability is sometimes called an umbrella policy. Excess liability or umbrella policy provides extra liability coverage beyond a primary policy.

What is Excess Liability Insurance?

An umbrella policy is an extension of your primary policies to provide additional liability coverage. As a supplement, it offers additional coverage to your existing policies, such as auto, homeowners, or general liability.