Why are Bully Sticks so Expensive

Why do these simple sticks of dried meat costs around 30$? Maybe, these were your exact words when you went to supermarket or browsed online about the bully sticks.

It may sound absurd and overpriced at first but you should know that they are appropriately priced and many factors contribute to the cost of bully sticks like:

  1. Availability
  2. Quality of Meat
  3. Labour Cost
  4. Business Expenses

So let’s break down the factors contributing to the cost of Bully sticks


You may know by now, that bully sticks are nothing but Dried Bull’s Penis and we get almost 2-3 bully sticks from one penis and since each bull has only one penis, hence limiting the supply of the bully sticks.

Increasing popularity

graph showing popularity of bully sticks

As evident from the above graph the popularity of the bully sticks have increased over time but the supply has not increased in the same proportion and as the simple rule of economics when the demand goes up exponentially but the supply does not goes up then the price of good goes up. Hence, the cost of bully sticks have increased over time.

Quality of Meat

Since the Dogs are some of the most beloved family members no one wants to give them low quality meat hence the quality of meat from which the bull sticks are obtained are also counted as a factor and some of the categories of which are grass fed, free range or natural beef.

Labour Cost

Since these bully sticks are not made by household people they have to be made in factories and it requires ovens at certain temperatures and labour to monitor the bully sticks quality and its dryness hence the cost add up in the final cost of bully sticks.

and other miscellaneous business expenses also add up in the cost.

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Final Words

We hope that we were able to tell you why these bully sticks cost so much and if you have any doubts or you want to add something to the content please comment down below and we will add that into the content citing to you.