6 Trustworthy Ways to Get Paid to be a Virtual Friend ($2K+/Week)

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If you are looking for some quick ways to make money and have a friendly personality, then you can get paid to be a virtual friend.

Yes, It is legit, you can be a virtual friend to someone on the internet and get paid up to $20-$50 per hour.

So, let’s start by understanding what exactly is this and how can you start doing it and earn upward of $2000 by just working 20 hours a week online.

What is a Virtual friend?

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A Virtual friend or an Online friend is a person you approach to be with you and spend time with you as a friend and do activities like Watching movies, Sharing talks, etc. but only virtually i.e. over the Internet.

So today in this article I will cover two ways of making money as a virtual friend

  1. Being a virtual friend over the internet and at a distance and doing activities like chatting, playing games, etc.
  2. Being with the person and doing activities like Going to prom, Family gatherings, etc.

Both are legit ways of making money and there are websites that let you choose what kind of service you would like to offer.

Why a Virtual Friend is needed

So, maybe now you are wondering why would someone hire someone to be their friend and also pay them. Isn’t it a bit creepy and weird?

Well, the answer is simple, There are many people who are just too lonely, disabled, or bored or have moved to a different country where they are not aware of anything and hence need some assistance or want to have some fun and hence make new friends in the new country or over the internet to help them with things or to have a fun time with.

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How To Get Paid to be a Virtual Friend

A virtual friend make an average of 20$-50$ / hour and obviously it can go above that also, People have said that they are earning around $2000 a week by just working 20 hours a week.

To make it more clear, let’s break the earnings down based on Kind of Service:

As we discussed above that you can choose between whether you want to be a virtual friend over the Internet or you want to be with the person for the activity they are requesting

  • If you are providing a general service like assisting with directions and being a tour guide, or chatting with them for some time then the earning would be around 20-30$/hour
  • If you are providing special service like Playing a rare game, going on dinners or family gatherings then the earning can be on a higher scale like 50-60$ / hour.

Note: No price is fixed, the price of a service depends on the Individual and their time so you can price your service whatever you wish to and Increase your earnings.

What are the activities a Virtual friend do

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A virtual relationship is completely platonic (No romance or sex involved) but it is up-to the two people involved how they want to proceed, both the people have to consensually agree on a single decision to go any further and the company has no say in it.

If you are becoming a virtual friend then usually the activities involved are listed Below:

For virtual friends:

  • Having Chats
  • Talking over calls
  • Play Online games
  • Teach something
  • Become Virtual audience

Also, some websites allow you to be virtual but some demand you to meet the person in real life. So the activities are different for both 

So, Usually the activities involved for in-person meeting are:

  • Watching movies together
  • Jogging
  • Going to shows
  • Going to a restaurant and having dinner
  • family gatherings
  • Meetings

Is Having a Virtual Friend Safe and Legal?

Yes, Having a virtual friend is completely legal. And for the safety side of things you have to be your own guard because most of the sites don’t guarantee any background checks of the user but most of them are a paid service so the people are legit and usually no window shoppers are there.

Extra tips for you to be safe

  • Don’t give address
  • Change the name
  • Don’t exchange any personal information like SSN, Bank Account etc.
  • Meet at an open place with a lot of people
  • Don’t visit their place without any safety precautions.

How Do I Become a Virtual friend and Make Money

There are only a handful of sites which offer these kind of service, all of the are listed below with their pros and cons and each have a different process and some are paid and some are free.


My banking information - Rent a friend

RentAFriend.com is a website that allows you to rent local Friends from all over the world. You can rent a local Friend to hang out with, go to a movie or restaurant with, or someone to go with you to a party or event. Rent a friend to teach you a new skill or hobby, or to show you around an unfamiliar town.


Rent a Friend.com is a pretty old website as evidently seen from its UI but it still works great for people who want to meet people and make friends or make some money doing things they anyways do with their friends.

Majorly offline meetings are more preferred on this site but virtual friends are also searched a lot, so creating a profile won’t be of any harm as it is completely free

Activities Involved

Below are the activities which are most requested on the website by users and paid for

  • Going to Movies, Restraunt, parks etc.
  • Local Guide for a New Person in town
  • Attend Work Parties on their Behalf
  • Advice on some Matter
  • Coffee house
  • Book stores
  • Bowling
  • Sight seeing
  • hot air balloon
  • Concerts
  • photography
  • zoo
  • Teaching manners,
  • Baking/cooking
  • Pottery
  • Amusement park
  • friends with seniors
  • wine tasting
  • Snowboarding, Beach
  • Casino
  • outdoor games
  • friend with driver licence
  • penpal
  • Friends With Handicapped or Disabled
  • martial arts
  • wingman wingwoman
  • learning language
  • comedy club etc.

Earning potential of Rent a Friend

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You can earn anywhere from upwards of 10$/hour to 50$/hour if you are providing a special service like going on family gathering or on prom.

Some points about the website

  • Free for the person who is getting hired
  • Payment is usually paid in cash by the person you meet
  • No commission to be Hired as a virtual friend i.e. You get to keep all the money you make
  • Huge Database
  • You need to meet person in real life
  • No background checks for the Hirer


My bankimg information - Fiverr

How to get paid to be an online friend? Fiverr is a very big name in the freelancing Business and has recently launched their friends side of business as well and is gaining traction as well.

There are a ton of people activitly searching for virtual friends to talk and share their feelings or play games etc.

Mostly virtual meets are preferred on this platform because of its global nature, hence the services are also majorly virtual in nature.

Activities Involved

  • Life Coach
  • Listener
  • Relationship Advice
  • Playing Games
  • Any other virtual activity

Earning potential of Fiverr

Fiverr is known for its cheap but reliable services so the lowest price is 5$ and it can go up to any price depending upon the person who is providing the service.

Note: Fiverr takes a 20% fee of the total price of the service but it is to be paid by the person buying the service i.e. If your service is of 10$ then fiverr will charge 12$ to the person buying your service.

Some points about the website

  • It is the most secure platform, because payment is taken upfront and identity is mostly confirmed
  • Worldwide access and you can be a virtual friend only
  • You can expand and provide other services as well like writing, Proofreading, transcribing etc.
  • It takes some commission of the final payment.
  • A bit more Competition and no minimum price


My banking information - Rent a Cyber friend website

RentACyberFriend.com is a new meeting platform based on the concept of the pen pal, updated for today’s digital and mobile world! Cyber Friends are offering a variety of services available to Visitors/Users.

Visitors can browse Gigs or profiles of Cyber Friends and request a Gig, or rent the services of a virtual friend at the published hourly rate. To post a Gig, you must be a RentaCyberFriend Member.

Rent a Cyber Friend

It is a bit different from other platforms in a way, In this platform employers looking to hire virtual friends post a requirement and virtual friends bid on them and whoevers bid is liked by the employer gets hired.

You also have to pay a monthly fees to keep using the platform i.e.29$ per month or 99$ / year

Activities Involved

  • Arts and crafts
  • Books and Literature
  • Cooking and Baking
  • Etiquette and Social Interaction
  • mentorship
  • Friendship
  • Fitness Partner
  • Gaming
  • Language
  • Movies and Music
  • Pen Pal
  • Photography
  • Philosophy
  • Sports
  • Shopping
  • Tourism
  • Religion
  • Writing Workshops

Some Points about the Website

  • They are free for the seller
  • The website have a fast support system
  • You need to register to see the pricing of the services


My banking information - Rent a Local Friend

Local Friends are journalists, photographers, chefs, designers…from all over the world, who like to host foreign visitors and show them their favourite local spots in the city. For people who want to explore different cities as a traveler, not as a tourist, this is a fun alternative way of exploring a new place.

Rent a Local friend

Unlike all the other websites where a person hires virtual friend for Gaming and going to movies, this website focuses on Being more of a local guide to the person who is visiting fir the first time in their known place and helping them with all sorts of stuff.

Activities Involved

  • Being a Local guide to travellers
  • Showing people around for amazing Places
  • Helping them with the new city
  • Sharing your talent by telling where you live and everything about your place.

Some Points about the Website

  • You have to pay to be a member of it
  • Few Scammers due to fees payment
  • No Background checks of the Hirer
  • You have a pay an annual fees of $100
  • You have to give an exam to community manager

How to Stand Out on these Platforms

Now, that you have decided to be on these platforms and earn money by providing your virtual or in-person friendship, You need to know that the competition is no less here. So, here are some tips for you to stand out and gain more and more visitors to your profile and choose you:

  • Put an amazing photograph, not just a blurred selfie with weird angle
  • Write an amazing description about yourself
  • Write about the services you provide in a neat and clean way.
  • Analyze other profiles on the website for any thing different they are doing, which you can replicate

Below is a very good example of a profile, you can put up to attract people to your profile. You need not necessarily wear bikini or short clothes ( if you don’t want to). But If you can show yourself doing the activity you are advertising yourself for.

Definitely do it , like Playing games or Doing exercise etc.

Final Words

We hope that we were able to provide you full information on how you can start earning money by becoming a virtual friend, and If you are interested in earning more money.